Saturday, November 29, 2008

After the Holidays

Thanksgiving is over, Christmas and other December holidays are yet to come. A lot of us will kick back, enjoy time with our loved ones, and spend a lot of time eating. This is also a time to take notes on items which you might be able to turn into an article or two.

Many magazines love holiday stories that comfort, inspire, or make us laugh. What happened around your holiday table? Did you hear stories about your great uncle or how a particular holiday is celebrated in another county? What about food disasters in the kitchen? Be sure to make notes.

Did you create a new dish to set upon your table? How did your guests respond? If it was a success, be sure to write it down and submit it to one of the many food magazines. Keep in mind most editors purchase articles for publication six to eight months after acceptance.

What about conversations around the kid table? Did you pay attention? Any gems for fillers in parenting magazines or just make notes about how different aged children communicate. This information will be important when you're creating your novel characters.

It's always good to have a break, but make sure you make good use your time afterward.

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