Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ideas From Your Journal

A lot of writers keep journals. Rather than a diary of day-to-day activities, journals can be observations, reflections on happenings, snatches of dialogue, or unusual names that come up in conversations. If someone tells you an anecdote that makes you laugh out loud, make a note of it. A bit of that tale might fit nicely into an article or story.

How about creating a special type of journal not based on daily activities? Instead, have sections for answering questions such as: "Who do I know?" "Where have I been?" "What have I done?" You could include sections for milestones and goals, as well as sections on what's gone wrong or what you want out of life.

If you prefer the day-to-day daily life journal, many writers use this as a springboard for their writing. Anecdotes about what their children said may end up as fillers in parenting magazines. How they overcame obstacles, such as over-eating, abuse, or a disability can be turned into not only articles, but book-length memoirs.

Writing in a journal can be the catalyst you need to start writing. There are many options from which to choose, from the old-fashioned hand bound journal to numerous blogging sites on the Internet. If you choose the Internet, you have the option of posting your journal to the public, only your friends, on keeping it personal until you are ready for others to read your writing.

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