Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More about Small Presses

There may come a day when small press editors are swamped with submissions and won't be able to take a personal interest in their writers. They may not pay, pay only in copies, or one/half cent a word, but they do care about writing and often have a personal investment in the magazine they are editing. If a title sounds interesting, send for a sample copy. Many are now available as ezines which you can access for free. While you're building your clip file, don't ignore this resource.

If you're interested in genre fiction, the small press could be the place to start. As with any other magazines, ask for guidelines, study back issues and be professional in your submissions. If you do, you'll most likely find many editors to be prompt, courteous and helpful.

Some places to find small press markets would be,,, and

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  1. There is a kinship in small presses, at least the ones I've had a pleasure to edit for. They care about their authors. This is not to say the bigger publishers don't but they have their big hitters and stick with them. Afterall, it's salability of product they go for, as with all the rest of the publishers. What they've forgotten is that it's the authors who made their houses.