Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Turn Personal Experience into Writing Dollars

Writing articles based on personal experience can be as easy as checking out magazines and newspapers for personal-experience pieces written by other authors. If you see something to which you can relate, you might find yourself thinking if that person can write about his three-legged dog, why can't I?

I've had several articles published based on my own volunteer experiences. For several years, I worked as a crisis line peer counselor and new volunteer trainer for our local women's resource center. From the experience and training I received doing that job, I published two articles on grant writing, one on date rape for girls , and one on date rape for guys . This same volunteer experience also gave me the material for two articles on how to be a good listener. One for teens and the other for parents.

For several years, I have also volunteered for a statewide organization which promotes human dignity and tolerance. Using my work experience from this organization, I wrote an article entitled "Learning Tolerance."

Look around at the things that are happening within your own family for article ideas. I sold two articles about preparing for college when my son was trying to decide what school he wanted to attend. "" gave teens ideas for help in finding the right college. Another college-related article I wrote advised teens on ways to find those elusive college dollars. Both of these articles were the direct result of the time my husband, son, and I spent preparing for college.

My son's fascination with reptiles when he was younger, led me to research, write and sell an article, "Creepy Crawlies Can Be Good Pets." Coming up with crafty ideas for my daughter resulted in a craft article. You, too, can turn your personal experiences into salable articles. What interests you; what interests your family? Look around, then write that article.

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