Saturday, December 20, 2008

Being An Expert

Awhile ago, I posted an entry about how easy it is to find an expert to add quotes and specific information to articles you're writing. Today, I want to encourage you to be an expert yourself. One of the best things we can as writers, is to help other writers. We often operate in a vacuum, isolated from other people. We work at home in small offices, at kitchen tables, and at desks tucked into our bedrooms. Put yourself out there if someone asks for help. Even if it takes some time away from your own writing ventures, be willing to help.

I just completed an article about writing across genres. While my fiction is cross genre, fantasy romance short stories and a MG paranormal mystery novel, I don't know everything there is about this form of fiction writing. I posted a request on the Muse On Line forum and had several cross genre writers respond who were willing to answer questions. The response was wonderful and each of these writers was able to add something to the finished manuscript. Their quotes were just what I needed.

I hope someday I will be able to offer my services to these writers or to another who is looking for an expert. While I may not have expertise in some exotic field, I am a writer and to that extent I have advice to offer. I may also have advice in other areas and would offer to share that as well. What about you? Do you have something to offer another writer? What are your areas of expertise? What kind of interview questions would you be able to answer? Don't cut yourself off from other writers. Get out there, even if it is only over the Internet.


  1. Thank you, Penny, for inluding my Frugal, Smart and Tuned-In Editor blog to your great blog roll. I hope your readers will all take time to visit the blogs on it! They are great!

    Carolyn Howard-Johnson
    Blogging at
    and a little off topic... it the blogs you suggest.

  2. Penny, that's why I decided to start writing in my blog again. I posted something on Real Writing Teachers and someone said it helped her. So I decided to share it with more people. I try to help people with writing anytime I can.


  3. Barbara, that's great that you're able to help others.

    Carolyn, thanks for all you do, as well.