Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Big Screen TV

Yesterday, Jan commented on my post that she doesn't care for television. For years, I agreed with her. I didn't have much use for t.v., although my husband is hopelessly addicted. I have to admit, though, as I've aged, I spend more time in the evenings watching movies and science fiction shows. Of course, my hands are busy with crochet projects, and I consider this my down time. Being retired allows me the freedom to pursue not only my writing, but my other passions without regret.

Jan also commented that big screen televisions require large rooms. I also have to agree with this. We are fortunate to have a room big enough to play ping pong. The new t.v. will live in this room. While my husband loved to play ping pong in his youth, he has lost interest in the game. The room will make a great home theater room. One thing we learned while educating ourselves about t.v. is the distance one should sit. 9 feet for a 42" t.v., 10 feet or more for a 50" t.v.

When we first started to look, I thought, "we don't need a huge t.v." Once you look at a 42" next to a 50", the 42" t.v. looks really small. We are fortunate that our room is big enough to sit far enough away to make the 50" t.v. something we can watch. The price difference, while significant, is something each buyer needs to determine based on their own finances. Savings can be had by different brands as well. Amazingly, we were able to see the difference in the better quality t.v. Old eyes or not, there are visual differences. Do research on the Internet. Take notes. Go to several stores. Ask lots of questions. Look at different brands and compare. Buy the biggest and best quality you can afford - that way you won't need to upgrade in a few years. While you're doing it, consider the benefits as a writer. Are there any?


  1. My husband is also addicted to tv. I use to watch much more tv in the past, but now with writing and the Virtual Book Tours, I hardly watch it. I still have a 26 or 27 inch. When I'm really exhausted, the tv does relax me.

    That's very interesting that there is a specific distance needed for certain sizes.

    Karen Cioffi

  2. I'm a DVD addict and having two kids who are supervisors at Best Buy...Well, you can imagine my house resembles Best Buy. GRIN

    Since I don't go out much I love to watch movies. The only shows on TV I love to watch are Ghost Whisperer, Supernatural, American Idol when it's on, and a few more.

  3. Karen, I've yet to do a Virtual Book Tour. Don't know how to host one or how to take my own ebook on one. I'm so behind the times!

    Lea and Karen, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.