Friday, December 26, 2008

Cleaning Up

Christmas is over and my main room is like an obstacle course. It's amazing how many toys for a toddler can fit under the Christmas tree. This was my granddaughter's first Christmas. Needless to say, we spoiled her. Of course, she's more interested in playing in the cats' water bowl, and the dog food in the pantry. The boxes all the new toys came in are also very exciting.

As I go around picking up stray toys and discarded clothes, I think about how this is similar to cleaning up my writing. I have to look for a stray word that's in the wrong place, just like I find a single sock buried under a chair cushion. Are there words to discard like the packing material in the toy boxes? Most likely and by careful editing, they will be gone. Can my writing be streamlined like the path through the mound of toys? Toss what isn't needed and keep the rest.

It's been snowing here in Oregon for over a week. Many of us are housebound. Many of us are tired of looking at the same walls. Try to be like my granddaughter. She finds delight in the feel of the potatoes in the pantry and the crinkle of the onion skins.

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