Tuesday, December 30, 2008


It's almost New Year's Eve. It's the time everyone starts thinking about their "new year resolutions." I've usually been reluctant to do this as oftentimes, these resolutions go out the door as soon as January 2nd rolls around. This year, however, I'm in a more positive frame of mind. I have a considerable amount of confidence that I can actually follow through on my resolutions.

First, as with most people, it's time to lose a few pounds. This could be body weight, or it could be those weighty words that tend to creep into my writing. The pounds and the extra words both need to go, although it might be easier to lose the words than the pounds. Which would you rather lose, pounds, words, or both?

Second, I will set goals for myself. I've found in the past setting goals that are realistic are easier to stick to than setting goals which are out of reach. Although I've retired, I still have a lot of interests and activities which take up time, such as my animals, my family, my garden, reading, and my volunteer hours. Still, I know that I can write and complete at least one article or story each month. If I do more, life will be good. It's an easy goal to set for myself, and one that I see myself achieving. What writing goals would you set for yourself?

Lastly, I want to learn to have more patience. My 93 year old mother lives in an apartment attached to our home and has for the past 25 years. She has been a great help to us during her years with us, and her proximity has been comforting for our children. Now, it's my turn to care for her. I've tried to let her be independent as long as I could. Now, we no longer let her drive. This week, I took over her medication. Her memory is going, although she knows who we are. Life could be worse. I figure this is a time to learn to let stress go and enjoy her last years with us. It's also a time when I have to take notes on how not to act when my own children are faced with caring for us. This is the time to start journaling the things which I find annoying or that set me to grinding my teeth in frustration. What about your frustrations? Are you able to journal and let them go?

What are your resolutions? Do you think you can follow through with them?

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