Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shopping for a Big Screen T.V.

All day yesterday, my husband and I went from electronic equipment store to electronic equipment store learning about big screen televisions. When he first suggested it, I thought I would be bored out of my mind. What do I know about 120 this and 180 that?

It turned out to be quite interesting. We went first to a Sony store. The young man who assisted us was a wealth of information. My husband did his homework before we went there, of course, surfing the internet to educate himself about the various televisions available. Our salesman assured us he wasn't working on a commission and spent over an hour showing us the differences in the various Sony models. Originally I thought we're too old, our eyes too poor, to notice these subtle differences. I was amazed to see that we actually were able to detect differences in the various models. Yes, LCD is better than Plasma. The people aren't as fuzzy....

We followed our trip to the Sony store with a visit to Video Only, Costco and Best Buy. Needless to say at each store, there was a willing salesman to voice the virtues of buying at their store. We still don't know where we will get our t.v., but at least we're getting closer. Was this day away from my computer and writing time wasted? No, definitely not. What we learned may possibly help another befuddled consumer. There is an article brewing on what to look for when buying your big screen t.v. Remember the writer's mantra, "write what you know."


  1. Your timing is perfect, Penny. We're holding off buying a new TV until after our youngest gets married in April. So, I'll definitely be reading your article.

  2. My unfavorite topic. I've never been a fan of Television, and recently I've grown to hate the monster televisions that take up huge spaces in the house, but are worthless unless you have gobs of free time. But then, I rarely go to movies either... UM... Can we say I'm a reader?

    Interestingly enough, the other thing I realized about the big screen TVs is that you MUST have HUGE rooms, or the effect is wasted.

    My terrible opinion about big screen TVs... LOL