Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Does Other People's Success Make You Feel Guilty

Do you cringe and feel guilty when you hear about full-time writers who produce three and four books a year?

If you are a part-time writer, perhaps you should put that guilt aside. We do our best to create what we can in the time allotted to us. All of us do not have the luxury to spend 8 hours a day at our computer writing. Most of us have other obligations whether that is a full-time job outside the home, being a stay-at-home parent,caring for an elderly parent, or working at a farm or other home business. Can we call ourselves writers if we don't write full-time?

Most definitely. Whether you publish your material in a magazine, on-line, or in your church newsletter, if you are writing, you can call yourself a writer. Recently, I've had an opportunity to talk with part-time writers who are accomplishing a lot with their writing time. How do they do this? They grab whatever time they can, between diaper changes, or during lunch breaks at work, to sit and write.

The rest of us shouldn't feel guilty by other writers' success stories. Instead, we should feel energized and inspired to do more in the limited amount of time we have available.


  1. I have to admit I believed I didn't earn that title until I published my first article. Even after I accomplished that I wouldn't call myself an author until my first book was accepted for publication.
    Funny thing is (Maybe not so funny), I consider other people authors and writers before they reach those milestones. Why do we act as our own worst critic and naysayer? Do you do that to yourself?

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  2. It's hard sometimes to take ourselves seriously. Even after I'd published a few pieces, it was hard to say, "I'm a writer," or "I'm an author" when someone asked me what I do. Thanks for the info about the dragon site. I'll check it out. I appreciate you stopping by to comment.