Friday, January 2, 2009

Getting Organized

A new year generally means new beginnings for a lot of people. New hopes, new dreams, new goals are established. What about you?

I look around my office and think of being more organized. I tend to think of myself as a more organized person, than, say, my husband and my ex-boss. Both tend to thrive on disorder and piles of papers. While to me it screams chaos, they both seem to know exactly which pile a certain piece of paper can be found. What about you? Do you thrive on order or do you have piles of correspondence and works in progress scattered throughout your house.

As writers, we need some sort of organization. We need to know to whom we've sent a manuscript, when it was sent, what rights were offered and when we might expect a reply. Do you have a system in place to track your manuscripts? Do you prefer a computer program, 3 x 5 cards, a hanging file, or a notebook? The size of your writing business may determine which system works best for you. Try out different types of organizing tools to see which one you like.

While you may prefer chaos to order, if you don't want to send the same manuscript to an editor who has already rejected it, you need to find a way to organize your office and your tracking system. Share your thoughts with others. What works best for you?

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