Monday, January 26, 2009

Review of Bubba and Giganto

Review of
Bubba and Giganto
Odds Against Us
By: Lea Schizas

This delightful young adult novel tackles some serious issues with understanding, compassion and humor. Written in the first person, this is the tale of Bubba ("not Bobby or Brendan, but Bubba"), and his unlikely 200 pound friend, David, nicknamed Giganto by Bubba.

Bubba meets David on his first day at a new school. According to Bubba, he "almost always found the bullies." Pierson High was no exception. We meet Jason and his cohorts, who for reasons unknown to Bubba, torment David, and try to keep him off the soccer team. Always up for a challenge Bubba decides to help David make the team. After try-outs, Bubba and David are challenged to a "friendly" skirmish. There are many twists and turns to this story and Ms. Schizas deftly weaves mystery and action. Interspersed are delightful descriptions such as "David giggle-snorted, more like an elephant wheeze." When questioning fellow students about their lack of support for David, Bubba learns that the bullies would "either stuff (him) in a locker or give (him) a wedgie."

Mr. Ambrose, the soccer coach, knows more about David than he tells Bubba. You may think you know why David is the brunt of jokes and torment, but do you? Read Bubba and Giganto to find out how Bubba tackles the bullies of Pierson High not with his fists but with his brains.

This is a story of soccer, athletes, bullies, and learning to make good decisions. It is also a tale about friendship and sticking up for your belief in what's right. It is a tale that should be shared and discussed by students, parents and teachers. To learn more about Bubba and Giganto, go to and also

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  1. It sounds like Lea put together another great book. Thanks for the review.


  2. Thanks for stopping by Cheryl. I agree, Lea has definitely written a winner.

  3. Penny, thanks for hosting me. Don't be surprised if folks jump on at a later date. :)

  4. Lea, I enjoyed the experience. Glad to host such a worthwhile book.

  5. I missed this post about Lea and Bubba & Giganto. I'm a jumper-on-at-a-later-date person.

    Lea and her book are both interesting and good.

  6. Vivian, always good to hear your comments - even on a later date.