Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Should You Do a Rewrite

Do you ever wonder if it will be worth your time to rewrite an article? Have you submitted something and received a critique from the editor containing useful suggestions? Have you for a minute or two resented that someone didn't think your article was worthwhile?

As someone who has been there, I want to encourage you to rewrite whenever you can. If an editor takes the time to make suggestions about your piece, chances are she feels there is some value in what you've submitted. While you might have felt you wrote the best possible article, someone with fresh eyes can often see the mistakes you've overlooked. The editor also knows her audience better and may be looking for specific information. It's always worth the effort to rewrite. Consider rewriting just another form of editing, which you always do before submitting, anyway. Right?

Recently, I submitted a piece and received a nice rejection which included comments as to what the editor would have liked to have received. Rather than tossing the piece aside, I looked closely at her suggestions and tackled the information from another angle. By doing so, I realized asking several "experts" would add information and bring credibility to my statements. In fact, I was able to collect enough expert opinions I had material for two articles. One has already been accepted, the other is being considered as I write this.

Appreciate the fact an editor cares enough about your work to request a rewrite. Ignore those feelings of ownership which come with putting pen to paper, and look at how you can improve your manuscript. You may find yourself with a nice check to reward your efforts.

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