Sunday, January 18, 2009

Writing in a Closet

Recently a writing friend, Barbara, mentioned that she wished she had a little office space like mine. She has to do her writing at her kitchen table. I feel fortunate that I have a room, small though it may be, that has a wrap around desk and shelves on three walls, plus a window that looks out through my greenhouse to my garden. Best of all, it has a door that closes. Previously, I had to contend with cat hair and barf on my computer keys on a rather regular basis.

Yesterday I was looking at a list in House Beautiful of quick inexpensive ways to improve your home. One of the ideas that was suggested was to turn a closet into an office. I thought of Barbara and her wish to have a writing space, then I looked around my "office," and realized it's no bigger than my walk-in closet.

Here is a relatively easy way to find a writing space. Do you have a closet that's just stuffed with junk? Could you get rid of most of it or move it somewhere else? While your closet office may not have a window, it probably has a door. You can probably find an inexpensive desk, shelves and lighting. Add a comfortable office chair, some of your favorite photos or inspirational posters, and you have a space that you can call your own. You won't have to keep your writing reference books in paper bags, and you can shut yourself away from household distractions.

Look around your home, maybe you can be happily writing in your closet.

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