Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What can you write in 10 minutes?

Do you sometimes feel rushed for time? Have you wondered what you could possibly accomplish in ten minutes squeezed between dentist appointments and ballet lessons? Or are you waiting for the pie to come out of the oven before you can put dinner on the table?

Whatever the reason, if you have five, ten or fifteen minutes, don't waste them surfing the net or looking at an old magazine which is lying on the coffee table. Pick up your pad and start writing.

You can write a poem or a card greeting. You can write a short humor piece, such as what your child said which totally embarrassed you. These little pieces could earn you dollars as fillers in parenting magazines. You could jot down ideas for stories. You could create theme cards for a card file. Write down first sentences for novels, stories, or articles.

It's amazing what you can write in just a few minutes spare time. In fact, you can write your blog post in just those few spare minutes. In these days of rushing here, and rushing there, make every minute count. Use your time wisely and you won't be wondering at the end of the day, "Why didn't I get anything written today?"

Happy writing.

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