Monday, April 27, 2009

Review Equality, The Quest for a Happy Marriage

Review of Equality, The Quest for the Happy Marriage
Author: Tim Kellis
Gilgamesh Publishing
ISBN-13 978-0-9799848-0-8
ISBN-10 9-9799848-0-7

Author, Tim Kellis, has written an in depth 400 page relationship book, Equality, The Quest for the Happy Marriage. While 400 pages of small print may seem daunting, he has broken each chapter into small bytes of quickly digested information. The Table of Contents gives you an idea of what you'll find between the covers: The Origin of the Relationship; Foundation of the Relationship: Common Sense; The Fork in the Road; the Development of the Mind: Thoughts & Feelings; Psychology: Biology or Psychology; A Psychological Solution: Cognitive Character Therapy; Why? Why Should Relationships Work?; and Final Thoughts.

Much of the book is autobiographical based on Mr. Kellis' own failed marriage and subsequent search for answers when none seemed to be forthcoming from traditional sources. Generously sprinkled with historical characters and events, the book delves into successful businesses, politics, education, and family backgrounds. These, the author believes, can help unlock the secrets behind the 50% divorce rate among couples.

Mr. Kellis thoroughly researched his book, reading and ultimately critiquing relationship books and the findings of scientists and health professionals. He was particularly taken by the works of Carl Jung and devotes a good 100 pages to Dr. Jung's work. You'll also find references to historical figures as diverse as Adam and Eve and Matthew Perry. Mr. Kellis refers in detail to his own past, using it as a way to encourage readers to acknowledge the hurt and frustration of childhood and how it affects relationships as adults.

The underlying premise in the book, of course, is the fact that men and women should approach a marriage on equal terms. Both men and women think and feel. It isn't only women who have emotions or men who can use their brains. Mr. Kellis believes that couples should avoid arguments and that common sense is the key to resolving issues and solving problems.

Equality, The Quest for the Happy Marriage, is not necessarily a book you'll want to sit down and devour in one sitting, but rather one you'll turn to for answers. Although written for couples, it's also a book individuals can read to learn why successful relationships have eluded them.


  1. Awesome Interview! I'll be looking for this book. I can tell you any couple who sticks it out for 50 years is AMAZING in my book. Love their dedication.

  2. Hi Jan, thanks for stopping by. I'm sure Tim will be pleased to know that you hope to read his book. Fifty years is quite amazing.