Friday, May 1, 2009

Review of Italian for Tourists by Jo Linsdell-Feliciani

Review of Italian for Tourists
By Jo Linsdell

Are you interested in international travel? Has Italy been a place you've always dreamed of going? Were you afraid you would be lost without knowing the language?

Jo Linsdell has solved the problem for you with a fabulous little book, Italian for Tourists, which is now available in an 88 page format. Easy to carry. Easy to use. The book is conveniently divided into appropriate sections. First you'll find a pronunciation guide. Here Ms. Linsdell gives you three basic rules, followed by an alphabetical list with sounds for each.

A fairly complete listing of emergency phrases follows next. Whether you need a doctor, help with your passport, or your wallet has been stolen, you'll be able to make yourself understood. There are lists for numbers, months, days and seasons. This is followed by common expressions and questions. Ways to introduce yourself and to let your listener know you are learning Italian are included.

Are you planning to go out to a restaurant? Try the section on Food and Drink. What about getting from one place to another? There is a useful section entitled Transportation. This includes words you would need for using a taxi, around an airport, or on board a ship as well as other transportation needs. Phrases and expressions are included for use at your hotel, sightseeing, and getting around the city.

One of the worst parts of travel is getting sick. If you can't communicate your basic needs, you're lost. In this little book, Ms. Linsdell gives you the correct phrases to ask for a doctor, how to tell someone you're in pain, or you have a toothache. There are phrases the doctor may use to tell you how many pills you need or to ask you where you hurt. This section alone is worth the price of this little book.

Are you a shopper? Here you'll find the words necessary to ask for almost anything you may need from a bank to a shoe store. You'll learn how to ask for your size or a specific color. Most importantly, you'll be able to ask if the store accepts your credit card.

Are you confused about signs? Not sure where the exit is? Check your Italian for Tourists, and you won't be lost. You won't be embarrassed. You'll know which is the Ladies' and which is the Gentlemen's room.

Also included with the book is a map of Italy and useful web sites. This is one book travelers to Italy will appreciate. In one compact volume, you'll find useful phrases, important words, and the confidence to travel in a country where you don't speak the language. I know I'll have my copy when I travel to Italy again.


  1. Very nice website, Penny. Well organized and appealing.

    Jo, I wouldn't mind studying this book even if I'm not going to Italy. A basic knowledge of a language couldn't hurt anyone. And it's fun learning. Good job, and I wish you the best of luck with this book and in furthering your career.

    Pee Wee
    S.K. Hamilton

  2. Hi Sylvia, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments. I appreciate your kind words. Jo did a fabulous job on the book and I recommend it to everyone.

  3. Thank you for having me Penny and to you both for your kind words.