Thursday, June 11, 2009

Where Does the Time Go

Yikes, it's been almost a week since I posted anything here on the blog. Honestly, my friends, I'm alive and well, just swamped. I spent the weekend babysitting my delightful granddaughter. Let's face it, watching a 16 month old doesn't leave too much time for writing. I have to applaud those writing parents who juggle their craft with family. I tried doing that for a while when my children were small, but I still have guilty feelings for all those times I'd tell the kids I'd play with them later because I was "working." When later came, they were either in bed or had found something else to do that didn't require Mom.

I am currently reviewing and editing a collection of my short stories which I plan to submit for consideration to a small publishing house. The anthology actually was an eBook some years ago and sold a few copies before the publisher suddenly went out of business. She sold to another person, who promptly shut everything down. I've thought about sending it off from time to time, but not too many publishers are interested in publishing short story collections - especially from those of us who aren't "famous." Now if my name was Stephen King, I might have a better chance. However, I've worked with this publisher before and I trust them to do a good job. I won't get rich, but it is always nice to have your work in print. The added bonus is this time around the collection will be in a trade paperback. Very nice. Of course, the publisher hasn't accepted the collection yet, but we do have a good working relationship and I'm hoping for the best.

Once this project is sent off, I'll get back to my sequel Ghost for Dinner. I'm finding writing a sequel is not as easy as I thought. The first few chapters went quite quickly, then I got bogged down and now it's a real effort to write the words. Reviewing my short story collection has been a good thing because it's reinforced, in my mind anyway, the fact that I really can tell a pretty darn good story.

So, again, where has all the time gone? If I'm not writing, what am I doing??? Darned if I know. . .

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