Monday, July 6, 2009

Review of Rajah and the Big Blue Ball


Rajah and the Big Blue Ball
By: Dr. Mosetta M. Penick Phillips-Cermak
Published by PM Moon Publishers, LLC

Rajah and the Big Blue Ball is a delightful children's book. It can be read by elementary school children or read to younger readers. Filled with wonderful full-color photographs, each page is a delight to the senses.

Rajah is a black Labrador dog. He lives in a huge house which he shares with his mistress, Mommy Maia, and three Siamese cats: Christmas Parfait Sprinkles, Nikki-Nikki Small-enough, and Chynna Blue. In addition to the dog and three cats, sixteen yellow and blue fish live in a pond in the backyard of the house.

One day as Rajah is playing outside, a pinecone drops on his head. When he looks up, he sees a big blue ball. This is the mystery of Rajah and the Big Blue Ball. What is the blue ball? Why does it drop something on Rajah's head when he plays outside?

Children will be curious to see the steps Rajah takes to find the answer to the puzzle. Will the cats in the house be able to help him? Will Mr. and Mrs. Fish and their fourteen children be able to help him?

The resolution to the secret will bring a smile to the reader's face. Dr. Penick Phillips-Cermak has crafted a tale which will both educate and entertain. I plan to share this story with my own granddaughter. She adores puppies, and I know she'll love Rajah and the Big Blue Ball.


  1. Dear Penny,
    Wow! Thank you for the wonderful review of Rajah and the Big Blue Ball.
    Rajah LeBeau and I truly appreciate it.

  2. Dr. Mosetta's commitment to shelter animals in the Cleveland, Ohio is inspiring and admirable. Rajah and the Big Blue Ball calls attention to what great companions dogs like this can be and how one person's passion for animals can spill onto the page.

    ~Scott Heydt

  3. I really enjoyed this book! It's a darling story and I'm sure readers will fall in love with Rajah just like I did.

  4. Thank you all for stopping by to comment.

    This was a wonderful story. Scott, I agree with you. Stop by tomorrow to learn more about the shelter animals.

    Mosetta, it was my pleasure.

  5. I appreciate Dr. Mosetta's passion for animals and their welfare. Raja is a lovable dog who will delight children of all ages.

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    I believe one comment was from Beverly and another from Cheryl. Thank you for stopping by and I will try not to do that again!