Thursday, September 3, 2009

Are You Ready to Write a Novel?

Recently, on the Muse Conference Forum, Cheryl Malandrinos posted the following message:

"Jean Lauzier, the brains behind StoryCrafters, has started a new blog titled, Let's Write A Novel Together. Starting tomorrow, she'll be posting about creating characters, writing dialogue, setting scenes, hooking the reader, tension, conflict, pacing, taming the inner editor and so much more.

In Oct., we'll start an intensive month long novel planning session. It'll include more indepth posts on topics such as story arc, structure and scene development along with some brainstorming and possibly real time chats.
Then, starting Nov. 1st, we'll make daily progress posts, along with weekly encouragement and who know what else.

If this sounds like something you're interested in, just check out the blog at"

I went to Jean's blog and signed up. This looks like a great way to get started on that novel you always wanted to write. There will be a support system here with a place to ask questions from other writers. While I've already published one novel, I think a writer should always be open to learning more about the craft. Some of us can't afford to take expensive writing classes. To have someone offering their advice in this way, is refreshing. If you are even thinking of writing a novel, you should sign up to follow the blog.

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