Thursday, September 10, 2009

National Punctuation Day

Are you confused about punctuation? A lot of people are and quite a few people are helping out by posting on their blogs about proper punctuation. One of these people is Vivian Zabel, a former teacher and now an editor and publisher with 4RV Publishing. Vivian has been running a series of posts on her blog about grammar and punctuation. You can find her posts at

Today, I received a newsletter from Barbara McNichol, author of Word Trippers. Once a month Barbara offers a free "word tripper," such as this month's "every day" and "everyday." In her latest newsletter Barbara also talks about National Punctuation Day. (You can sign up for your Word Tripper newsletter at

National Punctuation Day ( is September 24th and will be celebrating its 5th anniversary. The web site has a lot of useful information about all types of punctuation from commas to semi-colons and everything in between. Founded in 2004 by former newspaperman Jeff Rubin, this is a day dedicated to reminding people to use proper punctuation in schools and at work. At the web site, Jeff offers some fun things to do to celebrate the day such as getting out your red pen and circling all the errors you find in your daily newspaper.

As writers, punctuation is certainly something we all need to be aware of. Let's all celebrate National Punctuation Day by making sure our manuscripts can pass the red pen test.


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  2. My pleasure, Vivian. Your posts are generally very educational.

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