Thursday, October 1, 2009

Review Choices Meant for Kings

Today, I'm reviewing Choices Meant for Kings. Be sure to leave a comment so your name will be in the drawing for a hard copy of Sandy's first book of her Choices Trilogy, Choices Meant for Gods.

Choices Meant for Kings
By: Sandy Lender
ArcheBooks Publishing, Incorporated

Choices Meant for Kings is the second in a fantasy trilogy written by Sandy Lender. I have to admit I have not read Choices Meant for Gods the first book in the series. I will also say right away, I fully intend to read it. I am a lover of fantasy books, and I've read numerous authors from Terry Brooks to Roger Zelanzny. I have not been disappointed with Ms. Lender's entrance into the world of fantasy.

In Choices Meant for Kings, young Amanda Chariss, with her guardian, the wizard Hrazon, and The Master Rothahn, the god she is bound to protect, is entrenched on the estate of her betrothed Nigel Taiman. Camped on the lawn outside the home is the army who follows her. What she doesn't know is that her husband to be lives with the curse of his birth mother, the evil goddess and sorceress, Julette - The Dragon. We quickly learn that Chariss is an extraordinary woman, as swift to use her dagger, sword, or whip against her enemies as she is to steal a kiss from Nigel when no one is looking.

Things in Onweald are not as they should be. The gods and goddesses walk among men and have lost their geasa. Outside the gates of Arcana, Julette masses her army ready to storm Amanda's new home and destroy all she loves. Will Chariss, Nigel and the Ofersey'n be victorious when the only magic still alive in Onweald is the dark magic associated with Julette?

Meanwhile, within her own home, Amanda is faced with enemies and wrong-doers intent on separating her from her beloved. A young girl, obsessed with Nigel, appears claiming Nigel is the father of her child. Traitors lurk within Amanda's army. Like it or not, The Ultimate One, proclaims Amanda Chariss as his Goddess of War. How will Amanda handle these trials and others?

Here is a fantasy novel peopled with rich characters whose shortcomings only make them more human. Be sure to get your copy of this page turner filled with dragons, gods, goddesses, sorcerers, puzzling prophesies, and wicked antagonists.While you're at it, be sure to read Choices Meant for Gods as well.

A Tense Little Excerpt From Choices Meant for Kings
By Fantasy Author Sandy Lender
You won’t find this excerpt anywhere except Sandy’s current online book tour…

As the soldier stepped toward him, Nigel reached out his arm and caught him by the neck. He slammed the captain against the far wall. He pinned him there with his body, leaning against the man as if he could crush the wind from him with his presence.

He brought his face close to the soldier’s ear and spoke lowly, fiercely, so that no one could have overheard him. The menace and intent behind the words was as surprising to the captain as the words themselves.

“I asked you to accompany [Chariss] on this journey tomorrow because I have faith in your sword, and until this moment I trusted you to keep your distance from her. Now, I find her down here at your side with a look upon your face that suggests more than you realize. So help me, Naegling, the only thing that stays my hand is how displeased she would be if she learned that I sliced you open.”

“The look you see is merely my concern for her honor. Nothing more.”

“I’m not a fool. And I’ll use every last piece of Arcana’s treasury to pay the prophets to justify my reasons for marrying that woman, so you can unconcern yourself with her honor.”

Hrazon stepped off the staircase then and saw Nigel pressed against his guard.

“I still believe you’re one of the best soldiers Arcana’s ever seen,” Nigel continued, “and I want you at her side for this journey, but, so help me, Naegling, she comes back alive and well and not confused in the least about her affections for me, or I will string you up from a tree in the orchard and attach your intestines to your horse’s saddle before I send it—”

Hrazon cleared his throat. “Excuse me. Is there an issue here I should address?”

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  1. Great quote, " peopled with rich characters whose shortcomngs only make them more human." This is how I develop my characters too. The reader can better relate to a character that has the same shortcomings as we all demonstrate at various stages of our lives.

    Stephen Tremp

  2. PENNY!
    Good afternoon. I'm finally taking a quick lunch break and wanted to check in to say THANK YOU for a day of hosting during the online book tour and THANK YOU for your lovely comments concerning Choices Meant for Kings! I want your visitors to know that if they're enticed by your review, this is the month to grab a copy and to let me know that they've grabbed a copy. I'm doing a fabulous contest to say "thank you" to my readers. (Details at my blog at I'll bebop back by to answer questions from anybody today and tomorrow!
    Thank you!
    Sandy Lender
    "Some days, you just want the dragon to win."

  3. Sandy (& Penny) -
    I always love to see authors review each other's work, especially when it's a good review! I am so looking forward to getting my copy of CMFK so I can read more in this wonderful saga. Only one more to go, Sandy!

  4. Thanks, Stephen. Glad you were able to stop by and comment.

  5. Sandy, you're most welcome. I'll be stopping by your blog to check out your contest myself!

  6. Chelle, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  7. Mags, I agree. I believe as writers, we need to support each other and do what we can to get the word out about our books. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Hi Sandy,
    the book sounds great. I'd love to have the chance to read your works coz you are a new for me :)

  9. Hi, Stephen,
    Sorry I missed your comment yesterday! Google and Blogger are not always kind...
    Making characters realistic is a challenge for us writers. You have to balance the flaws and that beginning of their arc with keeping them likeable. You don't want someone sniveling and "too underdoggish." I've read a couple of those stories where I've just wanted the main character to die by chapter two. Not a good sign!
    Thank you for stopping by!
    Sandy Lender
    "Some days, you just want the dragon to win."

  10. Hi, Mags!
    I'm waving!
    Sandy Lender
    "Some days, you just want the dragon to win."

  11. Hi Mariska, I know you'd enjoy Sandy's novels, especially if you love fantasy.

  12. Hi Sandy. Loved the interview. Loved the synopis of you book--sounds fascinating. My sister might enjoy them. She's blind and I read to her on the phone--when I can stay awake to do so.
    Have you ever considered that as an option to or in addition to publishing them?

  13. Cindy, that sounds like a great idea for Sandy. Audio books are very popular with commuters as well.

  14. Sandy, this sounds like my kind of novel. And Penny, great interview. I suck at them, though I'm about to try my hand at them at
    Anyway, great job to you both. :)

  15. Sarah, thanks for stopping by and your kind words. Practice makes perfect. The more interviews you do, the easier they get.