Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Review Dispel the Mists

Dispel the Mist
Author: Marilyn Meredith
Trade Paperback ISBN: 978-1-59426-402-3
eBook ISNB: 978-978-1-59426-403-0
Published by: Mundania Press LLC

Dispel the Mist, is another intriguing mystery in the Tempe Crabtree mystery series, written by talented author, Marilyn Meredith. While this is part of a series, the book stands alone. Dispel the Mist immediately pulls the reader into the problem at hand and keeps up the pace for a suspense-filled adventure. Ms. Meredith weaves a story, peopled with believable characters, delightful aromas, and credible scenery.
Set in an around the fictitious Bear Creek Reservation, Tempe is a deputy sheriff reassigned from her usual job handing out parking tickets to a possible murder investigation. High profile Supervisor Lilia Quintera drops dead from what appears to be a heart attack. Since she was a healthy, active woman with no history of heart problems, the local police decide to launch an investigation.
As Lilia was half Indian, lead detective Morrison, calls in Tempe believing her own Native American ancestry will be a help in getting answers to several troubling questions. Lilia has made several enemies both in her support of a group home for developmentally disabled people and her non-support of a proposed Indian owned and operated resort complex. As Tempe delves into the problems surrounding Lilia's death, she finds Lilia's husband, as a former nurse, is the prime suspect. Other people, however, have motive and access such as Lilia's sister, Connie, the antagonistic group home neighbor, Duane Whitney, and Tempe's own mentor, Nick Two John.
Tempe is troubled by dreams of her grandmother and the legend of the Hairy Man, a mythical creature who together with the other animals was responsible for the creation of man. Tempe seems no closer to solving the mystery of Lilia's death when she gets a strange phone call warning her to stay away from the Painted Rock. A trip to visit old friends on the reservation includes a visit to the Painted Rock where Tempe is surprised to find a pictograph of the Hairy Man and has an olfactory vision of wood burning and food cooking. Why would someone warn her away from this spirit filled area? Why is she having these dreams of the Hairy Man?
As the book draws to a close, Tempe receives a call to return to the Painted Rock, apparently from Detective Morrison's assistant. It's dark, the roads are narrow and winding, a thunderstorm is brewing. What will Tempe find at the Painted Rock? Is it really Detective Morrison waiting for her? Has he found out who killed Lilia Quintera? Does Tempe have an unknown protector? Read Dispel the Mist for the surprising answer to these and other questions.
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  1. I absolutely love this series! I ended up purchasing the rest of the books after reading Judgment Fire and Kindred Spirits. It's been great promoting these with Marilyn.

    I posted a trailer for this book up on YouTube today. I hope your readers will take a look.


  2. Cheryl, thanks for stopping by. I will certainly check out your trailer on YouTube. How exciting for Marilyn.

  3. A great review, Penny. The book sounds intriguing. The video is good, too, Cheryl.



  4. Marilyn, my pleasure. I enjoyed getting to know Tempe Crabtree.

  5. Bev, thanks for stopping by and commenting.