Monday, November 23, 2009

Finding Time to Write - Day 4

Today my guest is Karina L. Fabian, a full-time writer. I asked Karina the following questions and she was gracious enough to provide me with the answers.

Karina, How much time do you devote per day or per week to: writing? editing?
networking? marketing? queries? research? How do you determine how much time
to devote to each of these?

"I can't really tell you because I don't measure them. I have a schedule of
days and tasks. Monday, I do work for the Catholic Writers Guild and any
conferences I'm participating in. Tuesday is marketing day; Wednesday is all
for writing; Thursday writing and the basic administration; Friday, computer
work--websites, clearing out files, back-ups, etc. I also blog twice a week
and miscroblog/Tweet three times a week. I try to make an hour each day for
some kind of writing--whether an article, edits, etc.--on my non-writing

"Since I'm a seat-of-the pants writer, the research is usually done in
conjunction with the writing. Sometimes, I edit before or after I write or
when I get stuck.

"I let the tasks determine how much time I spend. When I have a conference
coming up, I spend more time on preparation and webwork (because I want
folks to look at my websites.) When I have a contract or an overwhelming
inspiration, I will put other things aside and write like mad. When I have a
contract, I can get a book done in about six weeks; when I don't, they
languish, sadly, moving forward at a snail's pace.

"I'm not sure one ever reaches the point of becoming "an organized writer."
Quite often, our writing lives are influenced by things we cannot
control--an unexpected acceptance, a submission that never gets a reply, an
event that ties perfectly to our book's theme (and is thus presents a great
marketing opportunity." Then, of course, our lives can influence our
work--from creativity to time--more than they would for say, a plumber.

"The key is finding a system that works for you--something that lets you move
toward your goals as a writer and not spin your wheels in fruitless efforts.

Karina L. Fabian

Thanks, Karina, for sharing these tips with my readers and me.

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