Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Finding Time to Write - Day 7

Today, my guests are authors, Anjali Banerjee and Charlee Compo, both very talented writers.

Anjali, please tell us about your writing schedule.

"I find I have to treat writing as a job and also as a habit. Practice, practice, practice. I try to write in the morning every day, before I go to work. I have a daily goal. Small steps. Kaizen. Some writers organize their year by writing deadlines on a calendar.

"My daily goal varies, depending on the following:

-whether I'm giving presentations, speaking at conference, schools or libraries,
-the demands of my day job.

"Some days, I don't get any pages written. Some days I'm just brainstorming. Some days I'm revising a manuscript, in which case I might have to plow through 50 pages a day. When I actually do have time to write, I shoot for three to six pages a day."

Anjali Banerjee

Now to Charlee. Please tell us how you organize your writing time.

"The one thing I suggest every writer must have when he/she is writing a book is a good, concise compendium of each character, place or location, horse/keep/ship etc. If you have a compendium of your novel with who's who and how they relate to one another, idiosyncrasies, traits, won't mistakes later on. As you create a character, add him/her and if you later write a sequel or reference that character in another book, you won't have him green-eyed in one and blue-eyed in the other.

"A good file cabinet with hanging files with appropriate names for research material is a must, as well. Having cheat sheets beside your computer for html code or ascii symbols for é, õ, î et al is a time saver and keeps you organized. ANYTHING you use on a daily basis should at the very least be in a protective cover sheet or laminated and easily at hand.

"Books on your genre, on grammar, research should be readily at hand, as well.

Charlee Compo

Thank you Anjali and Charlee for sharing your tips.


  1. Penny,
    I really enjoyed these tips . . . Vanessa steered me to your blog and I found something useful in each post. Thanks again!
    Write On,

  2. Thanks so much for this, Penny. I like Charlee's idea of keeping organized hanging folders. I am so disorganized!

  3. Weezel, thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you found my blog. It looks like our adult short stories share the same genre.

    Anjali, I'm glad you stopped by. You're not the only one who's disorganized. It's so easy to get side-tracked!