Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to all, whatever you may choose to celebrate. Each of us can find something about the season to bring gladness to our hearts. It is a time for getting together with family and friends and sharing with others less fortunate.

What do you do to celebrate? Do you have a favorite tradition? Do you chose to spend the day with family or strangers? Do you donate to the local food bank, or help serve a meal to the homeless? Maybe for you the joy is watching your children's eyes as they see the holiday decorations on homes in the neighborhood. If you celebrate Christmas, do you splurge and buy for all, or do you draw names and get one special gift. Are you a crafts person? Did you make your holiday gifts for your friends and family?

This year, I chose to crochet market bags for all my friends. In an effort to be more "green," I felt a reusable market bag would be a useful gift. In this same vein, I sent out my newsletter via email rather than snail mail. Although I have to admit, I do enjoy receiving holiday cards, they seem like a waste of paper. After the holidays, they usually end up in the trash or recycling so I often cut off the face of the card and use it the following year as a gift tag.

Keep a journal during this time. Make notes of the fun stuff and the disasters. One never knows what will make good material for an article or a story. Remember, most editors are looking for holiday stories six months in advance, so you'll need those notes in June when the sun is shining and you're thinking of the beach.

Tell me what you plan for the holidays or your favorite holiday memory. I'd love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful holiday season and a productive new year.


  1. Hello Penny,
    A tradition that my daughter started with her children is they drive around the area looking at Christmas lights, then after a couple times out they decide which is their favorite decorated house. They make Christmas cookies for the winner. When they deliver the cookies, my daughter says that the people receiving them are always so gracious. It seems to carry on the spirit of the holidays.
    Off this subject, I'm wondering if you'd care to share your crochet "green" bag pattern? I'd love to make them for my family members as well.
    Love your blog! Susan Davis

  2. Hi Susan, what a wonderful tradition your daughter has created with her children. Thank you for sharing. The pattern I used came from one of my old crochet magazines. There are free patterns on line. One such pattern can be found at
    These bags can also be made using recycled plastic shopping bags. A pattern for this type of bag can be found at

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday and thanks for stopping by.