Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to Normal

Here it is, January 11th, and the final touches are being added to our floor refinishing project. On Friday, I was able to get back into my office, however lingering odors from the wood trim stain, made my stay short. I was able to steal a few moments on my husband's computer last week to access emails, but that was it. It was an interesting time without the computer. I had to have the right mindset to make it through the withdrawal period. I imagined I was off on an exotic vacation (well maybe not exotic), and there wasn't any internet. It worked. I made it through the week.

What did I accomplish, work-wise? Actually, quite a bit. I finished a novel I was reading for review here on my blog. I edited my lasted picture book manuscript. I got half-way through editing my collection of writing articles. All in all, the week wasn't wasted. I actually thought I would have more time to devote to editing manuscripts, but somehow the days slipped by and less was accomplished than I thought. I never got to the Ghost for Dinner edits, and I had planned to do some craft projects which also didn't get done. I did manage a couple of crochet patterns,though, so that was good.

Over the weekend, we had company and our granddaughter was here for a visit. No more excuses, now, however, and reality has hit. It's time to get busy and get back to writing and editing.

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