Monday, January 25, 2010

Review The Sid Series

A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children
By: Yvonne Perry
Published by: Write ON!
ISBN: 9780982572207

The Sid Series is a collection of twelve short stories for children written by author, Yvonne Perry. The model for Sid is Yvonne’s own grandson, Sidney. These are his stories and span about 5 years of Sid’s life. Yvonne, Von-Von in the stories, is the one who helps Sid by answering his questions. Each of the stories was written to help parents and children deal with issues children encounter in their lives.

“A Ghost in My Closet” is about communicating with angels. Sid sees something in his closet. Upon inspection, he thinks he sees something alive. It seems friendly, but was it? Von-Von comes at Sidney’s call. Read the story with your child to see what Von-Von tells Sid about his mysterious visitor.

“A Powerful Potion” is about the power of imagination. In this tale, Sid’s puppy, Blue Girl hurts her leg. Using his imagination, Sid brews up a magic potion of weeds and water. Read this magical tale to see what magic Sidney works.

“A Stormy Adventure” helps children face their fear of storms. Sid and Von-Von go on a kayaking adventure. Sid learns about manatees and their babies. He sees many different types of water birds, but then the sky gets dark. The group wants to see dolphins and they press on. There is a flash of lightning. Sidney learns about being on the water during a lightning storm and how to be safe. With Von-Von’s guidance he learns to face his fears.

“Always Be Honest” shares Sid’s story of learning to tell the truth. Sid takes his bat and ball outside to play. He accidentally breaks Von-Von’s glass gazing globe. He’s afraid Von-Von will be angry so he tries to fix the globe. Instead, he cuts his finger. When Von-Von finds out what happened, Sidney learns a lesson in honesty.

“Ask Your Body” helps children understand about their body’s needs. It’s time for lunch, but Sid isn’t hungry. Von-Von wants him to eat vegetables, but Sid wants cookies. What will his body tell him? When it’s time for bed, Sid wants one more movie, but his body is tired. What will happen when Von-Von compromises by reading Sid a story?

“Making Room for Brother” is about dealing with changes in the family. When Sid is 8 years old, his mom announces there will be a new baby. His family includes Sid in all the preparations. He goes to the doctor with Mom and learns he will have a brother. He gets to choose which room will be his and helps paint his new room. He even gets to take a class to help him be a big brother.

“My Friend’s Skin” tells a tale of accepting and appreciating diversity. Sidney goes to the beach with Von-Von. He has to put on sunscreen so he doesn’t burn. He doesn’t want to because he wants to be brown like his friend, Bree. Von-Von explains why Bree’s skin is a different color and why Sidney will never be brown like his friend. Sidney hears a mom call her child in Spanish and Von-Von explains about how interesting differences can be. When he meets a Japanese girl in the water, he learns more about languages and differences. Finally, Sid sees a woman wearing a sari. Von-Von explains about variety and how important it is.

“Old Things and New” teaches children about recycling. Sid helps Von-Von clean up trash and they take the glass and newspapers to the recycling center. A garage sale helps Sid to learn more about using recycled items both by buying other people’s and selling his own. He even learns about organ transplants and this unique form of “recycling.”

“Puppy Love” deals with the death of a pet. Von-Von and Ran-Ran’s old dog dies. Sidney helps bury the dog and learns about losing a beloved pet. Soon Von-Von and Sidney find a puppy. They try to find his owners, but when no one claims him, they decide to keep him.

“Sid’s Fairy” is a tale intended to help children learn about inner guidance. Sid and Von-Von sit in the garden in the early evening. Von-Von tells Sid if he’s quiet the fairies will come. When he relaxes and closes his eyes, he learns about meditation. As he opens his eyes, he sees twinkling colors and hears a small voice singing a silly song. Here Sid learns to listen to the tiny voice in his mind and to feel love inside of him.

“The Pirates Treasure” is about finding the treasure within. At the beach, Sid and Von-Von pretend to look for buried treasure, but all they find is sand. When the sun shines through a gazebo and leaves the shadow of an “x” on Sid’s shirt, Von-Von tells Sid the treasure is inside of him. What is the treasure? Read and find out.

“You Can Be!” The last story in this collection is about understanding destiny and making choices. Sidney goes to Von-Von and Ran-Ran’s farm for a visit. While he’s there, he gets to try many new things such as making cookies with farm-fresh ingredients, drawing pictures of Ran-Ran, planting seeds in the garden, and helping care for an injured pet. Each thing Sid does, Von-Von tells him how it relates to something he could be when he grows up.

The Sid Series is a book delightfully illustrated by both Ms. Perry and others. It is a book your young reader could read by himself or you could read to your younger children. It is a collection of stories which beg to be discussed. Pick up your copy at


  1. Thank you, penny, for this very eloquent description of the stories in The Sid Series. This is indeed a great review and I truly appreciate your posting it here.


  2. Yvonne, you are welcome. Thank you for the opportunity to read and review The Sid Series.

  3. Great review Penny. Sounds like a great collection of stories for kids.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Susanne. Yvonne seeks to answer a lot of questions kids have.