Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Karina Fabian's Marketing Newsletter

Karina Fabian writes a weekly newsletter called the 30-Minute Marketer, with four tasks each week. Each task takes around 30 minutes to do. Some are simple; some are projects she's broken down into steps. Even if you do only task each week, you'll make progress toward your marketing goals.

Karina posted a sample newsletter on her website at I hope you'll check it out, and pass it on to any authors you know who might be looking for a little guidance in their marketing.

Here's an idea of what she's including:

Each week, she will present you with four tasks. You do not have to do all four each time. Do what you can when you can. Steady progress is the key.

Task 1: Regular marketing task. These are the bread-and-butter tasks of good marketing, and will be repeated every month or so. Repetition sells!

Task 2: Follow-up task. If you did Task One the week before, take time to do task Two. Follow-ups get results!

Task 3: Marketing Project. Sometimes, there are some great marketing ideas that simply won't fit into half an hour a week. She will break these down into smaller steps. So what if it takes four or more weeks? It's better than having done nothing! She may also post single-step projects that may take you more time.

Task 4: New Idea. These are marketing ideas that she's picked up over the years or has seen on a newsletter or group she belongs to. Some will be tried-and-true; some will be new and experimental.

She's also going to add some news of conferences, her classes, or marketing opportunities she hears about.

Karina charges $12 a year for 54 issues. That's a lot of information at a nominal cost. If you sign up for the newsletter, please let her know that you heard about it here on my blog at Either let her know when you register or send her an email. Thanks.

Karina is also offering a 6-week class on building a marketing plan. Marketing Basics runs March 8-April 9. This forum-based, independent study course will work you through the major online and offline marketing methods and show you how to put them into a plan you can include in a book proposal or use for an already-published book. The cost is $30.

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