Thursday, March 25, 2010

Review Demon Legacy

By: Kelly Brigham
Published By: Damnation Books LLC
Digital ISBN: 978-1-61572-046-0
Print ISBN: 978-1-61572-045-3

This review is based on a review copy provided by Damnation Books in exchange for review, all reviews being my own opinion without guarantee or assumption of liking or disliking.

WARNING: This book contains graphic violence, rape and incest.

Demon Legacy is a horror book and not intended for the faint of heart. Ms. Brigham pits good against evil in this fast-paced, heart-pounding tale. Here is the story of three siblings, Jared, Monica, and Lewis, products of a dysfunctional family. At a young age, Jared is rescued by a kindly witch who raises him away from the trauma of his biological family. His other siblings are not so lucky. We enter the story soon after Jared learns his foster mother is dying.

When Millie, dies she leaves Jared a legacy fraught with evil and mayhem. He inherits not only her home and money, but her sacred trust to contain a malevolent demon, Malice. Malice stalks Jared through his dreams in an attempt to gain freedom from the prison where he has languished for hundreds of years. Jared's nightmares become reality when he wakes bruised and battered from his struggles with Malice in the dream world.

Fortunately, Jared is not alone in his struggle. He is aided by a powerful young witch, Belle, and her talented aunt, Phoebe. Coming also to Jared's aid, is the lawyer who tended to Millie's estate. But what about Jared's siblings? Have they been able to overcome the darkness of their childhood, or are they tainted by evil? This is a story not only of good versus evil, but of siblings, loyalty, and trust.

Follow Jared's trials as he battles the evil that threatens to take over the world. Feel his pain as he learns of those who betray him. Rejoice with him when one he thought was lost is returned to him. Cry as he loses two of those dearest to him in the final battle against Malice.

If paranormal horror intrigues you, pick up a copy of Demon Legacy.

Reviewer's Note: The copy I was given to review contained several printing errors. I spoke with the publisher, and she assured me she would look into the matter.

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