Saturday, March 6, 2010

Review of Guardian


By: Katie Hines
Published by 4RV Publishing
ISBN# 13:978-0-9840708-8-6
ISBN# 10:0-9840708-8-5

This review is based on a review copy provided by author, Katie Hines, in exchange for review, all reviews being my own opinion without guarantee or assumption of liking or disliking.

Katie Hines draws her audience into the story on the first page of Guardian. The reader knows immediately this tale offers adventure, intrigue and danger. What else could a “tall, broad man carrying a sword” mean? This isn’t a typical sword and sorcery adventure for teens, however, but an urban fantasy.

Guardian takes place in a modern world and incorporates the normal with magic, fantasy, and the quest for the Holy Grail. Drew lost his mother, but before she died, she told him he has a destiny, and he must use a magic journal to find a treasure and fulfill that destiny. As a child, this same magic journal marked him with a magic symbol. It soon becomes clear to Drew, and his friends, Mattie and Javon, the tall man with a sword is somehow part of that destiny.

Shortly after someone breaks into Drew’s house, his father decides to send Drew and his friends to his grandfather’s home for safety. After a harrowing ferry ride to Canada, the youngsters are met by Grandma, Grandpa and Drew’s cousin Zea. Drew quickly determines Zea has changed, but no one will tell him why. Unfortunately, Drew’s pursuers follow him and Drew and his six companions soon find themselves prisoners of people who are the stuff of legend.

Ms. Hines keeps the story moving forward with fast paced action sure to delight any fantasy lover. Obstacles are placed in Drew’s path at every step. Hanging over all is the knowledge that Drew has been marked by the magic journal as a grail guardian candidate. Drew wants nothing to do with this, and he constantly fights his destiny. When he meets a member of the Brotherhood who shares his magic mark, he is relieved someone else can be the new guardian. But is this person from the Brotherhood worthy to be the next guardian?

Ms. Hines has done her homework and deftly weaves in the traditional Arthurian legend of the quest for the Holy Grail, the story of Perceval and the Fisher King, and the tale of the Knights Templar and the Brotherhood. Follow Drew, his family, and his friends as they seek the treasure and follow the clues.

Katie told me she will randomly choose someone who comments during her blog tour to win a free copy of Guardian. Please be sure to leave a way for Katie to contact you should you be the lucky winner.


  1. A super review, Penny. The more I read about Guardian, the more I know I have to read it.

    Congratulations, Katie, on your book's release.


  2. Bev, thanks for stopping by. I know if you get a copy, you will enjoy it.

  3. Hi Penny, this is a great review. I want to read more! Love Arthurian themes. Karen :)

  4. Great review! I read Guardian and loved it too. I loved all the interesting history found throughout the book.

  5. Excellent review, Penny. May I use it for promotion?


  6. Karen, I do too. I was pleased to see the way Katie wove the modern story into the Grail legend.

  7. Kathy, Thanks for stopping by. Katie is definitely off to a great start with Guardian.

  8. Vivian, I'm pleased you like the review. Feel free to use whatever portions you would like for promotional purposes.

  9. Great review. Sounds like a very interesting book.

  10. Rena, thanks for stopping by. If you have young teens in your household, they'll probably enjoy this one.

  11. I'd love to read Katie's book - she is always takes the time to head over to my book review blog to comment. I'd love to be able to review her book on my site.


  12. Nicole, thanks for stopping by. I'm betting Katie will be in touch.