Monday, May 31, 2010

June Releases from Damnation Books

Damnation Books Publishing Company is pleased to announce the arrival of four novels, five novellas and four short stories. Damnation Books strives to provide quality e-books at an affordable price. Readers can enjoy Darn Good Dark Fiction in eBook, digital and print formats.

The following is a list of fiction coming out in June 2010.

The Grace of God, a novel by Sam Cross, A Time for Demons, Book 1 Before the End Series, a novel by Kathryn Meyer Griffith, Zuphreen, a horror novel by Sue Halfwerk and Genesis of the Hunter by Joshua Martyr.

Dead of Night, a novella by C.M. Saunders, Desiree by Ken Goldman, Painter's Green by Cyrus Wraith Walker, Boundless Book 3 of Alyce Kerr, Faith Healer Series by Yolanda Sfetsos and A Hell of a Job by Mike McCarty.

Short Stories coming out in June include, Midnights Drearier by Joe Nazare, Silverman’s Game by Matt Moore , Vasilov's Demon by Jeff Goddin and A Free Lunch by Matt Snow.

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