Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Versatile Blog Award

I was surprised the other day when I received notice that Vampirique Dezire ( had nominated my blog for the Versatile Blog Award.  Surprised because I hadn't realized Vampirique was following me.  She found me through the Networked Blogs application on Facebook.  Just goes to prove that Networked Blogs has a purpose.  Now Vampirique and I not only follow each other's blogs, but have become Facebook friends.  She, like me is a grandmother and a writer, but we live thousands of miles apart.  She lives down under and I live in the U.S.  Thank you Vampirique for the honor.  I hope I live up to it.

In addition, multi-talented Jo Linsdell-Feliciani has also nominated my blog (  I've worked with Jo a number of times; I've reviewed her book, Italian for Tourists, and helped out on her annual Promo Day workshops.  Thanks, Jo.

Part of the fun of the Versatile Blog Award is thanking the person who presented it to you.  Then, you must share seven things about yourself, give the award to 15 other bloggers you admire, and then drop by and visit those you've nominated.

Seven things about myself -

1. I have been writing most of my life and doing so professionally since 1993.
2. I live with my husband of over 30 years on six acres with our two dogs and four cats.
3. We have two married children and one adorable granddaughter.
4. I am an editor for three different small publishing houses.
5. I was born on the East Coast, but I've lived on the West Coast since 1977.
6. I've owned three motorcycles in my lifetime, but no longer have one.
7. In addition to published articles and short stories, I have a middle-grade novel, a young adult chapbook, and a contract for a picture book.

Now for fifteen blogs I follow and admire:
1. MuseItUp Publishing, - this is the home blog for one of the publishing houses I work with.  There are author interviews, writing tips, and information about upcoming books.
2. Barbara's Meanderings - - this is the home for Barbara Ehrentreu.  She was one of my first writing "friends," and always offers something new and exciting on her blog.
3. ChrisChat - - Chris is also an inspiration to me and has been a great support in my writing.
4. The Writing Mama - - home to Virginia S. Grenier an inspiration to a lot of writers.  She's an author, editor, and creator of Stories for Children Magazine.
5. Kristine Kathryn Rusch - - Here's where prolific author, Kristine Kathryn Rusch offers advice and news about her own writing.
6. Ink In My Coffee - - Devon Ellington shares information about the writing life and offers tips to writers.
7. C. Hope Clark - - Hope gives snippets into her own writing life and helps other writers with useful information.
8. The Frugal Editor - - Carolyn Howard Johnson offers great tips for writers.
9. Susanne Drazic - - Susanne is a wife, mother, writer and supporter of other writers.  She reviews books on her blog among other things.
10 - Joylene Butler - - Joylene is a published author who offers tidbits on her blog to help other writers make the grade.
11. Romance in the Back Seat - - Terry Kate has consistently offered good information to romance writers including reviews of books and was instrumental in putting on an online conference to connect writers, bloggers, publishers, and agents.
12. Pat Bertram's blog - - Pat is also an author who offers posts on all aspects of the literary life from inspiration to editing, from rejection to reward.
13 Geri Ahearn's Book Reviews - - Geri supports writers in a big way by offering reviews here on her blog.
14. Lori Calabrese - - Lori concentrates on children's writing and offers reviews and tips for children's authors.
15. Katie Hines - - Katie supports other writers with reviews and interviews on her blog.

Please take a few minutes to visit these amazing bloggers.  Thanks again, Vampirique!


  1. congrats on the award and thank you for mentioning our Muse blog. Kudos!

  2. Thank you so much, Penny. I am shocked and thrilled and speechless. Wow. I really appreciate you thinking of me. I'll take a day or so and come up with 15 worthy bloggers. The 7 things about me might be a bit tougher.

    Honestly, this is a nice surprise. You can't imagine how inspiring it is to know you do something that someone appreciates. Makes all those hours staring at a blank screen worth it.

  3. Congratulations to everyone else. Many of these bloggers I know and admire. Keep on blogging, everybody.

  4. Thanks, Lea. The Muse Blog deserves the attention!

  5. Joylene, you're welcome. Hopefully you'll see some new readers coming your way.

  6. CONGRATS Penny on your award.

    Thank you for nominating my blog for this awesome award. I just finished a blog post about it.

    Have a great day!

  7. Thank you Susanne. I'll be stopping by your blog :-)

  8. Penny,

    Thanks so much for passing this award on to me. I consider it a great honor to be included in your list of blogs that you follow and admire! :)

    Now I can't wait to click through on some of these other blogs. There are just so many great blogs out there and so little time!

    Have a great day!

  9. Lori, you deserve it, as do the others. You're right there are so many good blogs,it's hard to follow and comment on them all.