Monday, November 22, 2010

Meet the Publisher of Wicked Nights, Stacey Thompson-Geer

Today my special guest is Stacey Thompson-Geer who is the owner of the publishing house, Wicked Nights.

1.     Tell me about your publishing house, Wicked Nights . For example, how long have you been established? Who are your editors?  How did Wicked Nights come into being?

Wicked Nights has been online for almost a year. We started as a free read website and expanded to a royalty paying publisher. The free reads are still active on the website and can be found through Amazon blogs. Right now we have a small staff of editors, Lori Titus is our main editor at the moment. I also will jump in and edit when there is a need. :)

2.    What types of manuscripts are you actively seeking?

We are looking for Historical Romance as well as Contemporary Romance and Erotica in all sizes. We also are looking for ongoing serial works of 4000 words or less for our Wicked Bites line. Horror, SciFi and Young Adult are also open for submissions.

3.    What types of stories do you feel your readers want?

We believe readers want a fun engaging story. Whether the story has erotic elements or just a fun and adventurous side, it should keep the reader wanting more. :)

4.    Are there any genres which you feel are overdone and why?

I think Vampires have been overdone, but they are still going strong. Frankly, I'd like to see vampires that are different than what we are seeing or thrown into a different kind of world than what we are used too.

5.    What do you look for in a manuscript?

Something that is engaging and keeps my attention. If you can't keep my attention, you probably are not going to keep a readers. :)

6.    What would cause you to reject a manuscript?

Lots of grammar and formatting errors will cause me to reject a manuscript. I also want to see that the author took enough care to use spell check. Also, it's important to follow directions. If an author uses a crazy font, it will probably be rejected without being read. Our instructions are easy to follow, just take the time to read them.

7.    What is the relationship between your authors and your editorial staff?

We are a pretty tight group. We have group projects from time to time and everyone seems to get along well.  We like to give our authors some freedom with their work. After all, this is their book. We just help to make it happen. :)

8.    How are your covers created, and do your authors have a say in the cover art?

We have a cover artist that does most of the cover work. Tara Drew-Bates takes on a lot of the covers we have. I also will do the art from time to time and authors always have the option to do their own with our approval.

9.    What type of marketing assistance do you offer your authors?

 We have a marketing plan in place that allows us to advertise on 20- 50  blogs and websites at any given time. We also send out all work to reviewers on a weekly basis. We are looking at the idea of an author buy in for advertising to help increase this number in the near future.

10.    Where can authors find out more about Wicked Nights as well as your submission guidelines?

Authors can visit our website at to learn about what we have in our catalog and to review the guidelines. They may also email us at with any questions. Thank you for having us today. :)

Thank you for being my guest today and giving me this useful information about Uncial Press.


  1. Interesting interview. I'll have to check out the catalog to see what kind of young adult is available.

  2. Susanne, thanks for stopping by, and I know Stacey is interested in looking at submissions.