Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Interview with co-authors Stacey Thompson-Geer and Stevie Trinity

My guests today are co-authors, Stacey Thompson-Geer and Stevie Trinity.  Their Gatekeeper Series : Dark Magick is coming in June, 2011 from Wicked Nights publishers.

1.     Please give me a brief synopsis of your book. 

Stevie Trinity - It is about two people who start off as normal everyday women, who happen to be witches and have families. Then the gateways to other worlds unlike our own open. The government and other beings not only wants to keep these gateways open, but they are also hunting magically inclined people and beings so they can use their powers for their own. The goal of these two women is to lead others to safety and get one of these gateways closed in this particular book, so that the more negative beings from other realms can’t come through to our world. 

Stacey Thompson-Geer - It's really a different take on Science Fiction and Fantasy. You'll find strong women and some romantic subplots that round out the story. This is also the beginning of the story. We are planning more books to go deeper into this very complex world we created. 

2.      Why did you decide to co-author this work? 

ST LOL, well Stacey actually was writing some other stories about two years ago, and she was encouraging me to work on stories that I had written as a child. She briefly had mentioned that we should collaborate something together. I dismissed the idea, because I really had very little interest in writing on my stories, I thought it would be too much work. One night over Snickers and Pepsi, the beginning of a story started to unfold. Well here we are about two years later, and I am far from sorry that she was persistent in what she saw in me. 

STG We were good friends before we started writing and inspired each to do more. We had both kicked around this story for some time and finally just decided it was time to do it. The story is better told from the two points of view that we came up with rather than one as a traditional story, anyway. It's just such a big story to stick to one person. It needed more. 

3.     How did you meet your writing partner?

ST We actually met through our daughters. Stacey and I lived close by and one day I approached her and from there on out, we have been friends. In the words of Anne Shirley(Anne Of Green Gables), we are Kindred Spirits.
STG I think it was fate, LOL. We both moved into the same area and just started talking. We were friends well before we were writing partners. 

4.     How long have you both been writing and why did you decide to become writers?

ST I actually have been writing since I was very young, I have binders full of stories that are great book ideas, but are incomplete. I put writing aside, when I got married and had children. It wasn’t until I met Stacey and she wanted to see my writing that I had to go and find these stories buried in a box somewhere in the closet! LOL So this is my first ever published piece. 

STG I've been writing for a long time. It used to be something I did to get the stuff that scared me out of my head. Kind of like conquering my fear. I started with horror when I was in High School and stopped writing for a time. I had a family and then found I really wasn't happy without my writing. I went back to it a few years ago and haven't looked back. 

5.     What genres do you each prefer to write and why?

ST I like to write fantasy. Mostly about magical things and of course the love that most people only dream of having. I love to write poetry as well as books.

STG  I love writing Horror. It was were I started, but Romance is growing on me. I've always loved the idea of going somewhere no one is expecting with my work. I love strong female leads that keep the men on their toes. My girls are never weak and helpless, but they don't discount the men they have their eye on, either.

6.     What are the difficulties of co-authoring a book?

ST Writers Block! LOL. There have been many times when we have transferred the story back and forth and the other has kept it for longer then they should have. LOL, then we take turns trying to “encourage” the other to write and send it back. Sometimes, when we are honest with one another, and we are very honest about what we think, it can get hard, but thank Goodness for communication and understanding one another and our needs
STG You have to be open to another person's ideas. You can't figure something out on your own and run with it. There are others to consider in the plotting and direction of the book. It's not for the faint of heart.

7.     What are the benefits? 

ST When you are writing a story with someone, and you set up the guidelines no matter how the story is outlined, you both will see it differently. I can’t tell you how many times I got the story back and thought ‘wow, that isn’t where I thought she was going to take that’ and visa versa, It can get very exciting! Or frustrating! We communicate with one another, and we usually respect one another’s boundaries.
STG Great ideas from your co-writer. She came up with things I'd never have thought up and took the book in directions that were new and different. We also got to play with the characters in ways we hadn't thought of. At one point we were going a totally different direction with this book and decided it was better saved for another one. 

8.     What is the process for jointly writing a book?

ST Well we actually live in two different towns, so we email it back and forth, we take turns, and wait until the other person is done, that way we aren’t jumping ahead of the other or getting off track. 

STG Our process is rather different. We would each write some of the story and then pass it to the other author. She would continue the story from her character's point of view and react accordingly. There are parts of the book in which the characters were separated and each had their own adventure, so to speak. 

9.     What are your plans for marketing the book and where can readers purchase the work?

ST You can find our book in June 2011 at Wicked Nights, also coming in January there will be short stories of each main character, so that the reader has an idea of who they are and some information on the background of each individual character. These will be for sale for just $.99
STG We hope to have more blog interviews like this and other advertising avenues. We also use social networking as a way to get the word out. We also have several short teaser stories coming out through 2011 to get readers ready for The Gatekeeper Series: Dark Magick coming in June. You can find these short looks into our main characters lives at the publisher website. 

10.  Where can readers learn more about you and your writing?

ST I do not have any other work out right now, but have been working on a blog.  You can find me bogging at
STG The best place to learn about my writing is through my website, or through the publisher at  You can find me on Facebook under Stacey Thompson-Geer and Twitter. I also have a newsletter that will let readers know what's coming out and where they can find it. 

Stacey and Stevie, thank you both for being my guests today.  I enjoyed learning more about the process of co-authoring a story.

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