Saturday, December 18, 2010

Interview with XoXo Publishing

Today, my special guest today is Gina Cianfarani. She is the publisher of XoXo Publishing™ a div of Ninni Group Inc.  Today is XoXo Publishing's first birthday.  
1.       Tell me about your publishing house. For example, how long have you been established? Who are your editors?  How did your house come into being?
XoXo Publishing™ is a small press located in Toronto, Canada.  We have an office downtown Toronto, in the district of Little Italy.

2.       What types of manuscripts are you actively seeking? 
We are actively seeking literary fiction and nonfiction of all genres.  At this time, our collections of short-short stories are poetry and are doing well and our duet series.   

3.       What types of stories do you feel your readers want?
Depends on the reader.  I noticed that a lot of women are buying  Anthologies, Shape-Shifters,  Sweet Romance,  Historical and Time Travel,  Canadiana™ Fantasy,  and  Military Romances,  men on the other hand are testing the waters with Erotic  Fiction,  Anthologies, Alternative life-style and fantasy. 

4.       Are there any genres which you feel are overdone and why? 
 This depends on the publishing house; if they focus only on one genre they tend to over-expose the genres. Right now, Adult Vampire Romance sales are slowing down, and the same genre is still reeling in sales for the Young Adult genres.

5.       What do you look for in a manuscript?
I would like for the author to submit a complete manuscript rather than multiple submissions, or partial manuscript. A cover letter and one page marketing plan must accompany your manuscript submission(s).  All submissions must be edited to the best of the author abilities, an original and never published before.  Submissions should be sent to our Editor of Acquisitions at .

6.       What would cause you to reject a manuscript?
If the manuscript has been sent in without a marketing plan, but is a high quality manuscript, we will ask the author to submit a marketing plan while we consider the manuscript.  Poorly written and unedited manuscripts will be rejected, and manuscripts previously published without a proof of termination, will not be published by XoXo Publishing™ a div of Ninni Group Inc.
7.       What is the relationship between your authors and your editorial staff?
We have an open relationship, and I encourage our editors to keep in contact with the authors on a weekly/daily basis, even after their manuscript(s) has been released for publication.

8.       How are your covers created, and do your authors have a say in the cover art?
Our book covers are created by our wonderful Canadian book cover artist, Amanda Struz. Amanda designs book covers exclusively for XoXo Publishing™.   Yes our authors do have a say from the beginning to the end, including final approval of the book cover.

9.   What type of marketing assistance do you offer your authors?
We have an in house promotion director, Tina Bruenelle. Tina organizes all virtual authors’ tour, e.g.: XoXo Publishing First World Virtual Tour which we started in September 2010 has now been extended into 2011; including our in house e-zine for our authors and readers.

10.   Where can authors find out more about your house as well as your submission guidelines?
You’re welcome to check out our website at:

ThThank you for being my guest today and giving me this useful information.
You’re very welcome.


  1. Excellent interview. I love finding out about new publishers.

    Gina, I'd be happy to interview you about XOXO for my site anytime as I'm sure my readers would like to know more too.

    Do you except international authors or just Canada/ US? (I'm in Italy)

  2. Jo, thanks for stopping by. I'll be sure to let Gina know of your interest.

  3. Great interview. As an XOXO author I can vouch for everything Gina said. Our is a one big family, with lots of love, respect and support for each other. XOXO staff pampers their authors. Penny, Amanda, Timothy and Tina are wonderful proffesionals to work with and kindest people you will every know. And Gina, I never cease to call her my fairy Godmother who makes all wishes come true. XOXO is set to take the publishing world by storm.

    Vickram E.Diwan(India)
    XOXO author

  4. Vickram, thank you for stopping by and sharing about XOXO. It's always good to hear from someone who is published and has worked with the staff.

  5. Hi Chrissy, If you're not finding them at their website, I wonder if they had to close up shop. Too bad so many small press can't make it.