Monday, January 31, 2011

Join me on my Virtual Blog Tour

Beginning tomorrow, February 1, I will be visiting blogs talking about my latest release, A Past and A Future.  This collection of short stories is published by Sam's Dot Publishing and is available at

Stories included in A Past and A Future are:

1. Flight of the Roc
   What would you do if your master told you to collect a roc's egg?  Would you be willing to climb a mountain and climb into the nest?  And, what would happen if the egg you collected hatched?

2. Blurred Vengeance
  Temur's father is murdered, and he must have revenge.  Will his journey to honor his father's death bring him what he wants, or will it destroy him and his village?

3. Who Will Heal the Healer
Marzan teaches Niane to control the winds, but what about the winds of fate?  Will Niane be able to save her mentor when the underworld comes to claim him?

  4. Ashley of Ashland
  Ashley, a young magician covets his brother's fiance, but what are her feelings?  Is his brother fit to rule the kingdom or is he a brutal womanizer?  Can Ashley's magic be enough to save him and his true love?

5. The Watcher
  Zerelda lives in a world of women.  Her function is to obey and not have feelings. She watches for the one who comes from afar.  When he comes to impregnate her ruler, will they find a forbidden love instead?

6. Enchantress
 Merlin knows his fate, but he is unable to stand against it when Viviane enchants him.  Will his powers be stronger than hers, or will he find himself a victim of love?

  She is from this world.  He is from another.  A dragon draws them together.  Will she look beyond his pointed ears and see the man of her dreams?  Will she fear the dragon or embrace him?

8. Heshe
  Lyda runs from her abusive stepfather, hiding her sex from the world.  Her rescuer has a secret of his own.  Will they both find happiness or will their pursuers stop them before they find their paradise?

9. The Baby Makers
  How far would you go to get a baby if you can't conceive on your own?  Would you accept a clone?  Would you fight for that's child's rights in a world unprepared for it?

10. 3-D Pictures
 Avery's boss thought he was crazy, but was he?  When he stared into the 3-D picture, he saw a land others couldn't see.  When Elvina emerges from the picture to tell him of his true heritage, will he join her in the picture or accept the doctor's diagnosis?

11. Screen Saver
 Clancy is used to strange people.  His boss represents them.  But when the bullets start flying, will the screen saver really save him?

12. Isolation
 The world has died, except for small pockets of isolated communities.  The rich can afford to live isolated from the poor who die daily from bad air, poisoned water, and uncontrolled diseases.  But what if you are tired of the isolation?  What if you wanted to find somewhere to be free?  Would you take the chance?

13. Love in a Different Hue
 Chiri's father is a scientist.  He invents artificial life.  Her husband married her for her money and access to her father.  What should she do when the artificial life her father has created looks better to her than her husband?

14. Down So Low The Ground Looks Like Up
 Sylvan is sensitive to others feelings.  It drives her crazy, so she drinks to dull the pain.  But does she also drink because she harbors a secret?  Will Dev, the police officer who finds her, rescue her from her demons?

15. Rebels With a Cause
 Kids will be kids even in the future where people wear a uniform colored to their profession.  Juvenile offenders receive an implant so they can be tracked without being housed in a facility.  Shahleena is bored with her existence.  Will volunteering to help these juvenile offenders help her or help them?

16. Clockworks
 John lives in Structured.  His ancestors came from Upheaval.  On a whim, he decides to visit, only to find the chaos of Upheaval is more than he can handle.  Unfortunately, he cannot leave fast enough.  What will happen to him when he finds the clocks are all set to different times?

Please join me on the following blogs now and through February 13th.  If you'd like to chat with me live, be sure to stop by The Writer's Chat Room on February 13th at 7:00 P.M. EST.

A PAST AND A FUTURE Blog Tour - Feb. 1, Jamie Bevans Marva Dasef – Feb 2 Janie Franz – Feb 3 - Feb 4, Heather Kuehl - Feb 5, Barbara Ehrentreu - Feb 10 & 11, Joyce Anthony Feb 10 - Judy LASR 13 Stories from APAAF Feb 13, Ginger Simpson Feb 13, 7 PM EST, The Writer’s Chat room  Kelly Harmon – Feb 14

One person who comments on each blog will receive a short story as a gift, one which is not included in the A Past and A Future collection.  Hope to see you at one or more of these blogs as I talk about my book and my writing..


  1. Hi, Penny! Enjoyed the interview on your first stop of the tour. I'll try to get to as many of the stops as possible. I wish you much success on your tour.

  2. Hi Susanne, so glad you could stop by. Hopefully all the stops won't be the same :-) Thank you for your ongoing support.