Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Generating Web Traffic - guest post by Beth Erickson

Today, I'd like to share an article written by Beth Erickson in her helpful newsletter, Writing, Etc.  To subscribe to Writing Etc. and receive the fr*e e-book, "Power Queries," surf here:
Generate Web Traffic
You've got a website. Good for you! Now comes the hard part: How do
you get traffic?

I've read that when it comes to owning your own site, what matters
most is how many hits you get.  However, I disagree.

As a writer, you're selling a specialized product - yourself and
your writing skills.  This means you may not want every member of
the general public visiting your site.  What you do want are
potential clients and customers to find you.

How do you do that?

You can start by creating an e-mail signature.  A signature is a
blurb your program inserts at the end of every e-mail you send. 
Mine reads:

Make your writing sparkle. Write killer queries. Get published. 
Subscribe to Writing Etc. the free e-mag for writers.  Receive the
free e-booklet "Power Queries" by subscribing today.

Microsoft Outlook allows you to create a signature under "Tools" on
the menu bar then select "Options."  Other e-mail programs are
probably different.  If you need help, just go to your program's
"help" option and run a search.

Make your signature concise, benefit oriented, and don't forget to
include your URL.  Use everything you know about copywriting to
write something snappy and memorable.

Now that your signature is done, write ten to twenty key words that
describe your web site.  FilbertPublishing's key words include:
Writer, Write, Writing, Freelance, Copywriting, Fiction,
Nonfiction... you get the point.

Now you're ready to register with a few search engines.

There are thousands of search engines out in cyber space but most
of them aren't going to give you enough traffic to warrant
registering with them.  I'd suggest you just shoot for the biggies
and then go back to the smaller ones if you want to.

Some of the engines you may want to "submit your site" to are:,,,,, and 

As you "submit your site," you'll be using your key words and
signature "blurb" to fill in their forms.

If your web site is about a particular subject, chances are there
is a "web ring" you can join.  Go to, type in
"web ring" and check them out.  Filbert Publishing is a member of a
number of fiction writing web rings.

Next, you need to find out where your potential clients hang out. 
If you want to write for small businesses, find e-mail lists and
newsgroups that cater to these folks.  A quick search in Yahoo or
the Google Newsgroup (formally Deja News) will give you enough
information to get to work.

Frequent these newsgroups, e-mail lists, and listservs, and join in
the conversation.  Don't promote yourself blatantly, but let your
new e-mail signature do the selling for you.  Blatant selling is
not permitted, but the soft sell of an e-mail sig is certainly

You can advertise in e-mags.  Find e-mags that cater to your target
audience and place a small ad in them.  However don't place just
one ad.  Run at least four consecutive ads - better yet, keep it
running for an extended period of time.  You may be able to
negotiate a lesser fee if you place a link on your site.

Finally, be sure to put your website URL on your business cards and
in EVERY piece of advertising you purchase.  Be creative and always
target your message to the audience you want to reach.  I have a
separate URL designed especially for my copywriting clients, my
Writing Etc. subscribers, and the Web Ring surfers.

Be creative and have fun.  Do something on a regular basis
(preferably daily) to promote your web site.  And always remember...
you're going to make mistakes.  It's just the nature of this
business.  But never let the fear of mistakes stop you from trying
something new....
This article is courtesy of Filbert Publishing. Make your writing
sparkle, write killer queries, get published. Subscribe to Writing
Etc., the free e-mag for freelancers and receive the e-book "Power


  1. Great guest post. I get that newsletter. Full of lots of great information.

  2. Hi Susanne, thanks for stopping by. Beth really puts together a useful newsletter.

  3. Beth is the best. I receive her newsletter and it's always full of useful information. She has built herself some good karma with her kind generosity...she's one smart lady.

    Judi Hanford

  4. Judi, thanks for commenting. I agree, Beth's newsletter is always welcome in my "inbox."