Saturday, April 30, 2011

XoXo Publishing™ Presents “XoXo The Series™

XoXo Publishing™  Presents  “XoXo The Series™

XoXo Romances ™
Romances novellas and novels:  sweet, comedy, fairies, dragon, medieval, western, steampunk,  cowpunk, historical, fantasy, woman fiction, angelic realm,  family, mystery, time travel and erotic.  

XoXo Alternative Lifestyle ™
Same sex romances in any genres. Including beyond the extreme*, sexual fantasy, LGBT, Cougars and Mistresses(series), Webcamances™,  BDSM, ménage, bisexual, historical, male sexual fantasies and women sexual fantasies aka  Hustler Letters. 18 yrs+

XoXo Non Fiction™
 Open all categories:  cookbooks, how to, self help, business, spiritual, inspiring, academics, memoirs, family history, and new categories are welcome. Also open Young Adult and Children. 
Submissions Guidelines: 

Submissions must fully edited.   

 XoXo Publishing standard length:  Minimum, manuscript must be 25,000 words and no more than 120,000 words in length. 

12 pts Time Roman and Double spaced.

Be ready to sign a legal and binding publishing contract for three years.

We are not a self publishing company. We pay standard royalty per ebook and paperback sold.

Worldwide distribution, live radio promotional interview and much more. 

Please  submit your complete manuscript for consideration include your full name, pen name, correct email address, word count, genre and promotional plan. 

Submission Director:

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