Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Book Country

Today, I'd like to share this information from C. Hope Clarke. She recently wrote this editorial in her newsletter FFW Small Markets. I haven't signed up for this yet, but I definitely plan to check it out.  It sounds like a useful site for writers.  Let me know if you sign up and what your thoughts are about Book Country.

There's a new tool out there for writers. It's another
writer community, but it involves critiques, forums, and
the potential of being seen by editors at Penguin.
Publishers Weekly had a thorough review of Book Country
this week, and I thought you'd like to learn more.
(it's a long url, so excuse the tinyurl.com shortcut)

What's unique about Book Country is that it favors
genre fiction. That's right, people. So many other sites
favor mainstream contemporary works. This site invites
romance, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery and thrillers. But, it
also welcomes those stories that cross genre, like
paranormal romanceurban fantasy, historic mystery, even
Steampunk. They have a cool chart to look up your genre,
to help you define what it is you write, and your story's
symbol is color-coded to match.

And it's free. No paid membership. The only catch is that
you have to be active. To upload your own work for review,
you have to critique three works by three different writers
first. Small price to pay.

Not surprising, Book Country will eventually open up a
self-publishing service for a fee. Harlequin and Thomas
 did it, why not Penguin? But they promise the POD
services will not be outsourced.

They claim to have learned from others' mistakes. For
-no cut-and-paste function is allowed, so work can't be
stolen or plagiarized
-no download feature or ability to forward text
-the forum is intended to be serious, and not become
a Facebook-type entity.

They will have message board, educational features, and
moderators with credentials. One, for example, is Colleen
Lindsay, former literary agent and Twitter celebrity.
You can submit a partial or a complete book. It's purely
genre fiction. And members include published authors,
editors and agents.

I know it's shiny and new right now, but from what I've
seen so far, it's pretty darn cool.

    Hope Clark

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April 29, 2011
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  1. This Book Country sounds like they are trying very hard to do a good job for authors. I wonder how quickly we would have to review the 3 books. I trust Hope's opinions. I have been a subscriber to FFW for years. I definitely will check this out!

    J Q Rose

  2. I also trust Hope's judgement. I'm curious to see how people feel about this web site.