Thursday, May 19, 2011

Erotic Romance author, Randall Lang

Hi Penny and thank you for inviting me here today.  Most blog authors (other than Ginger Simpson) know better than to invite me, but you are SUCH a lamb.  Readers should be aware that I write adult material, so please keep that in mind.

1) Tell me a little about your book.
Actually I’ve been on a roll lately with two and a half new books, but the one I’d like to discuss today is my release with MuseItHot Publishing called Boating with the Buttermores.  It’s the relatively short story of two couples who have lived next door for years and who have helped each other with child watching, family emergencies, and a myriad of other day to day issues that arise.  On one particular evening, a little too much to drink leads both couples to an unexpected romantic interlude that changes their relationship forever.  In one evening, neighbors become lovers and new worlds of sexual exploration open before them.  The theme of the story follows them for a day of boating and the discovery of “boat bounce sex”.  Ring-A-Ding!

 2) What gave you the idea for this particular story?
A twisted mind such as mine will find a sexual adaptation for almost anything.  Have you ever ridden in a boat that encounters the wake of another boat, especially the wake of a larger commercial boat?  What would it be like…? (BEG)

3) Are you a full-time writer or part-time, and how do you organize your writing time?
Have you ever heard anyone reference “a drinking village with a fishing problem”?  That little phrase pretty well covers my life also, as a hedonistic bon-vivant with a writing problem.  Having finally shed the shackles of the dreaded ‘day job’, I now have what every writer dreams of, that being the opportunity to write full time. But my writing competes with a creature I call the ‘slug monster’, a beast that lurks within the shadows of my soul and emerges regularly to pull me away from creative pursuits and toward more pleasurable and intensely distracting activities.  It is this creature that I battle daily if I am ever to put one word after another.  I recently had a two year period of extended ‘slugdom’ that saw me write nary a word.  With fury, whip, and chair, I finally managed to drive my hedonistic seducer back into his lair while I completed two books and made my way well into a third.  With the onset of warm weather, his siren song begins once again, attempting to lure me away to the pleasures of distant lands, sweet wine, funky song, and fair lady.

4) When did you first know you wanted to be a writer?
I actually used to write in high school and college but never considered my skills adequate to write professionally.  It was not until many years later that a job change allowed me the solitude necessary for my mind to refresh and recharge.  Suddenly I was filled with ideas. Erotic, sexy ideas that I simply had to document before they escaped me.  When enough of these ideas   developed into stories, I sought a publisher.

5) What do you hope readers will take from your writing?
Entertainment…pure, unbridled entertainment.  I write about the attraction between men and women, and of the adventures that result when people act upon that attraction.  I have no noble purpose of changing hearts and minds. I hope only to bring a smile, a lusty thought, and/or a fun evening into someone’s life.

6) Which genres do you write, which do you prefer, and why?
‘Genres’?  Penny you give me entirely too much credit.  I am first and foremost an erotica writer.  I refer to myself as ‘a pornographer with good grammar’ because that is basically what I am.  My stories have strong characters and real plot lines, but I know why certain pages get dog-eared.  That is what I write because that is what I know and enjoy.

7) What is the toughest part about being a writer and how do you get past it?
See Item 3 under ‘slug monster’.  The toughest part is getting started and keeping moving. Imagine an old fashioned scale with ‘motivation’ on one side and ‘distraction’ on the other.

8) Is there anything in your story based upon a real life event? If so, tell me about it.
Penny, you know a gentleman never kisses and tells.  Boating with the Buttermores was a work of pure fiction from my twisted imagination.  My future release, Lovers on a Train, is quite a different story.  Train travel can be SO romantic.

9) How much is your protagonist like you? How different?
Anyone who follows my work knows that the vast majority is in first-person POV.  My protagonist IS me, just younger, better looking, thinner, sexier, wittier, more imaginative, and vastly more successful.  That pretty much covers differences also.

10) What kind of research did you do for this type of story?
Boating with the Buttermores required no research beyond life experience. A few years ago I wrote an erotic romance book entitled Magnificent Man that was based in the desert country of the contemporary American southwest.  I spent several weeks touring the back roads and desolate areas of Arizona and New Mexico; and, even longer researching the history, languages and cultures of Native American tribes.  Despite my checkered lifestyle, I am a stickler for accuracy and detailed research. All that effort went into writing the best book that nobody read.
11) Do writing violent or highly sexual scenes bother you? Why or why not?
The thought of innocent people being violently attacked and/or injured bothers me a lot.  I don’t believe I could ever write some of the horrific violence I have seen in movies and in television. Now the idea of bad guys getting their asses kicked, on the other hand, gives me great joy.  Highly sexual scenes?  When the worst thing that can happen to you is that someone treats you to great sex, where’s the downside?  Highly sexual scenes are what I write.  The biggest problem I have is finding ways and words to keep the encounters from becoming repetitive and trite.

12) What about your book makes it special?
Boating with the Buttermores is the story of two ordinary couples who make an extraordinary sexual leap.  Not everyone is prepared to make that leap, or even to consider it, but most people are curious about it.  Deep inside they want to know, what’s it like? How did it happen? What was it like for them? Could I do that?  Boating with the Buttermores is special in that the characters are ordinary, people-next-door kind of folks just like the readers, and the story gives them a glimpse into a world they are curious about.

13) What is your marketing plan?
Please forgive my snickering.  I’m the guy with the ‘slug monster’ problem so I just barely get any writing done.  The idea of hours of self-promotion, chats, contests, book signings, guest appearances, etc. is enough to send me on my way to the nearest Margarita bar.  There was a time when I spent hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours trying to change my image from erotica writer to romance writer.  Let’s just say the results were not worth the effort.  So now, I just write ‘em.  If they sell, I’m a happy guy.  If they don’t sell, I’m still a happy guy. 

14) Where can people learn more about you and your work?
Anyone crazy enough to want to know more about me is welcome to visit me at my website, The Worlds of Randall Lang, at All of my books are there with buy links and information about each one.  For those doing psychological research into the deranged mind, my blog, The Mind of Randall Lang, at, is a tour of the far side.  Unlike most writers’ blogs that promote their books, my blog is dedicated to the thoughts and life experiences of Your Most Humble and Obedient Servant, and is completely free of advertising, sales, or promotion.  Enter at your own risk. Send hate mail to

15) Any tips for new writers hoping to write in the genre of your book?
So you want to write erotica, huh kid?  Well, if you’re going to write about it, you better know it, live it, and love it.  The (post-teenaged) readers of erotica are knowledgeable and will spot a fake in a minute. An erotica reader who finds excitement and involvement in your stories will read everything you write, but try to fake it and you are SO busted.  Secondly, once a Marine, always a Marine; once an erotica writer, always an erotica writer.  What that means is, unless you plan to have a different name for each genre you write, be careful.  Once your reputation establishes you as an erotica writer, you could write A Nun’s Guide to Catholicism and it will be classified as erotica.

Penny, thank you for the opportunity to disgrace your blog and embarrass you.  I hope the repercussions will not be too severe.

Years of jobs, kids, and  other family demands can take the excitement out of a marriage. But when neighbors become lovers, suddenly new and unexplored worlds can open up. Especially when they go "Boating with the Buttermores".


Coming in December from MuseItHot.  Lovers on a Train

He’s 50, divorced, burned out, and moving south to start a new life.
She’s 72, twice widowed, and traveling south to escape the cold and to live with her daughter.  An unlikely pair to become Lovers on a Train


Randall Lang grew up in the tough coalfields of southwestern Pennsylvania where nothing comes easily. It is a world of limited opportunity and few roles to follow. Dreams are quickly vanquished in the shadows of necessity and creativity is usually buried beneath an avalanche of cynicism.  However, epiphanies come in all shapes, sizes, and in a wide range of locations. In the dark and quiet world of the underground worksite, the stories within him began to take form. Years later, Randall Lang is the author of nine books of erotic stories published by Renaissance E Books, has contributed to two erotic anthologies, and the recently released Magnificent Man, an erotic romance published by Midnight Showcase. Randall’s erotic works include the five volume Trailer Park Nights series, three books of erotic short stories, and the newly released Mrs. Kaufman and Me. These are available at His erotic romance, Magnificent Man, is available from Melange Books at See the book trailer at  Randall recently joined the MuseitHot Publishing family with the release of Boating with the Buttermores available at
Visit Randall’s website, The Worlds of Randall Lang, his blog, The Mind of Randall Lang, It’s a strange place to be. Randall now lives historically on an historic island in historic Wheeling, West Virginia.


  1. Randall, you know you are welcome on my blog anytime. Your stories sound incredible. I have to check them out. I'd better hurry because I hear the world is ending on Saturday. I certainly hope those predicting it are wrong. I still have a lot of WIPS.

  2. Randall, you are naughty! I had to laugh at the research question. You could probably write another story about the "research" you had to undertake to explore the nuances of boat bounce sex and the application of just the right amount of alcohol. Did you make poor Penny blush during the interview?


  3. now that wasn't so bad. snicker. one thing we can say about Randy, he doesn't mince words. love the good grammar comment. lol

  4. Ginger, Emily and Larion, thanks for stopping by. Emily, I didn't blush since no one actually saw me reading Randall's replies . He's quite the character himself and it shows up in his stories. It's a pleasure having him here today.

  5. Randall, you're a crack up...and most definitely an erotica author. I enjoyed Boating with the Buttermores and look forward to your Lovers on a Train. I recall reading about your train trips...good research.
    Penny - you didn't manage to stump the star, and the star came across...well, like a star. Fun interview - both of you.

  6. Kay Dee, thanks for stopping by. Randall had some great answers to his questions.

  7. Randell, you have so got to come on a girl's night out.

  8. Viviane, glad you could stop by. Randall does sound like he'd be fun on a girl's night out.

  9. Thank you ladies for your kind comments and for having the courage to use your real names. I usually get a lot of snide remarks and insults from people named 'Jane Doe'. Amazing how common that name is. What is an 'insufferable neanderthal' and why does she call me that?

    I would love to spend a night out with several of you lovely ladies. I could serve several uses; first as bartender, then as stripper and finally as...well, that is another book.


    Randall Lang