Monday, June 27, 2011

Interview with Author, Blake Crouch

Today, my guest is multi-published author, Blake Crouch, talking about his recent release Run.

1.                  Why don't you start with telling us a little about yourself? What genre do you write in and why?

I write thrillers mainly, although occasionally I’ll turn out a short story with a literary bent. I love thrillers because they’re generally (when they’re good) about characters at the end of their rope, and those are the characters I most enjoy reading about.

2.                  Tell me about your current book which you are promoting.

It’s about a family on the run while a genocide is occurring in America.

3.                  How long have you been writing?

Since I was in the 8th grade.

4.                  Do you outline before you write? If not, what’s your initial process?

Generally, so I have a sense of where I’m going. But I keep the outline loose enough to let plot turns and characters sneak up and surprise me. I know some writers can do it without outlining, but every time I’ve done that, I’ve wound up doing major rewrites.

5.                  What comes first: the plot or the characters?

It’s different from book to book. For RUN, it was just the idea of a Rwanda type of massacre occurring on American soil. Then I had to figure out who my family was. For a recent short story I released called “The Meteorologist,” it all started with a character, namely a man who is obsessed with weather.

6.                  Which of your characters do you love/hate/fear/pity the most and why?

Good question....let’s go with fear....that would have to be Luther Kite, the villain in Desert Places, Locked Doors, Break You, and Stirred, the collaboration novel Joe Konrath and I are writing this year to close our respective series. He scares me. I’m not sure why. I even dream about him.

7.                  What was the hardest part of writing your book?

Sustaining tension for 300 pages.

8.                  Did your book require a lot of research? How long does it take to write a book for you?

This one wasn’t nearly as research-intensive as my historical thriller, Abandon. For Run, I read up on some of the major genocides in human history and tried to put that in America.

9.                  Describe your writing space.

More often than not, a coffee shop in Durango where I live.

10.              What books or authors have influenced your writing?

Thomas Harris, Cormac McCarthy, Stephen King, C.S. Lewis, J.A. Konrath, Marcus Sakey, Pat Conroy, and Dennis Lehane, just to name a few.

11.              What do you see for the future of publishing and e-books?

I see the dominance of the ebook as the preferred method of reading, with print books becoming a sub-right, for collectors, die-hard fans, and libraries, until libraries completely adopt e-reader lending technology.

12.              What are your current books out right now and what are the books coming up for release?

Glad you asked! Here’s my catalog on Kindle.

Andrew Z. Thomas thrillers
Other works
Draculas with J.A. Konrath, Jeff Strand and F. Paul Wilson
Perfect Little Town (horror novella)
Serial Uncut with J.A. Konrath and Jack Kilborn
Bad Girl (short story)
Killers (with J.A. Konrath)
Four Live Rounds (collected stories)
Shining Rock (short story)
*69 (short story)
On the Good, Red Road (short story)
Remaking (short story)
The Meteorologist (short story)
Six in the Cylinder (collected stories)

In terms of future work, as I mentioned above, later this year Konrath and I will release STIRRED.

13.              Where can people learn more about you and your work?

Name: Blake Crouch
Title: Run
Genre: Thriller


For fans of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Thomas Harris, picture this: a landscape of American genocide...

 D A Y S  A G O
A rash of bizarre murders swept the country...
Senseless. Brutal. Seemingly unconnected.
A cop walked into a nursing home and unloaded his weapons on elderly and staff alike.
A mass of school shootings.
Prison riots of unprecedented brutality.
Mind-boggling acts of violence in every state.

 D A Y S  A G O
The murders increased ten-fold...

 D A Y S  A G O
The President addressed the nation and begged for calm and peace...

 D A Y S  A G O
The killers began to mobilize...


All the power went out...


They're reading the names of those to be killed on the Emergency Broadcast System. You are listening over the battery-powered radio on your kitchen table, and they've just read yours.

Your name is Jack Colclough. You have a wife, a daughter, and a young son. You live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. People are coming to your house to kill you and your family. You don't know why, but you don't have time to think about that any more.

You only have time to....


This 80,000-word novel also contains a bonus interview with Blake, and excerpts from his other work.


  1. I really like the point that Thrillers are about people at the end of their rope. Perfect.

  2. Charles, thanks for stopping and commenting.