Sunday, October 9, 2011

Love Delivery Cover Art is a Winner!

The September Alternative Read Cover Contest is officially over.  My cover for Love Delivery, created by MuseItUp cover artist, Delilah K. Stephans, won first place.  I want to thank all of you who took the time to vote and to offer congratulations to the other covers, especially those who came in second and third place.

I personally think the cover is decidedly yummy and definitely deserves its first place award. What I learned, however, is that it isn't about how lovely the cover is.


  • Step One: When I entered the contest, the owners of the site decided it was worthwhile to compete. 
  • Step Two: I mistakenly thought all of their many blog followers would stop by, check out the various covers, and place their votes. 
  • Step Three: I did what I thought was necessary to let people know about the contest.  I sent out a Twitter post every few days, which also showed up in my LinkedIn account and on Facebook.  
  • Step Four:  I found out several other MuseItUp authors had book covers in the same contest...bummer! I hate competing against people I know. 
  • Step Five: I followed the lead of the other authors and posted tweets that all of the Muse covers deserved a vote (you could vote for more than one).  
  • Step Six:  I noticed a couple of the books were leaving most of us in the dust.  
  • Step Seven:  I realized just posting about the contest on Twitter and Facebook wasn't enough.  
  • Step Eight: I made the decision to get on bended knee and beg people to stop by and vote by sending out personal requests.  
  • Step Nine:  I watched the poll numbers increase in small increments.  
  • Step Ten:  We were down to the wire, and I was actually seeing my cover coming up to first place.  
  • Step Eleven:  I sent out more personal requests.  
  • Step Twelve:  I saw the blog post with the announcement that Love Delivery came in first place!
So, what did I learn?  While it is very exciting and well-deserved, winning the contest became more of a game, rather than the merits of the cover.  While I'm excited and happy the cover won, I'm also disappointed in the process.  I believe Delilah did a fantastic job, and she totally deserves this award.  I don't think I will enter another cover art contest.  Perhaps there are others out there in cyberland which do focus more on the actual artwork and less on who you know who is willing to vote.

Have any of you entered your covers into any contests?  How did you fare?  What process did you go through to get a winning (or close to winning) cover?  Would you do it again?

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