Monday, November 28, 2011

Problems Commenting?

We seem to be having problems with commenting on John's wonderful guest post.  I'm adding this to see if it will give us a place to leave comments.


  1. John, it's a pleasure having you here, and I apologize that your post doesn't seem to accept comments. I'm hoping people will place their comments here for you.

  2. Thanks for hosting me, Penny, and for your extra work providing a comment box. Now, I'm not paranoid, but I tell ya, it's a plot. Someone, probably in the Government or some middle-east country, doesn't want me to talk about this sensitive subject and will do anything to stop me. If I can only figure out why . . . and who . . . has been tapping my phone.

    Now, I admit I'm a bit biased, but I think you did a beautiful job posting my ravings. Thanks!

  3. Charming post. Interesting thoughts on the temptations of leaving your favorite genre to branch out into unknown territory. Do you change names when you venture?
    Emma Lane
    Regency Romance author who occasionally writes contemporary.

  4. Hi, Emma,

    No, I don't. I use the same name. For some reason, I've never been tempted to do otherwise, but if I wrote in two clearly different genres, I might have changed names.

    I think part of it is vanity. I like my name, and I want credit for what I wrote under my own name. Of course, if I were to become really successful, my other name would become an "open secret."

  5. Wonderful post indeed. Thanks John and Penny. Have a wonderful Tuesday.

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  7. Bumper Stickers, sorry I can't help as I didn't get my background through a university education. Perhaps others might help. If you're on Facebook or another networking site, I suggest posting there.