Monday, January 16, 2012

Author Cher Green is Offering a Giveaway

Today's guest, author Cher Green, is offering  an electronic copy of her novella, Seduced by Darkness.  Please be sure to leave your contact information if you'd like to be in the drawing to win.

AUTHOR: Cher Green
BOOK TITLE: Seduced by Darkness
PUBLISHER: eTreasures Publishing

Why don't you start with telling us a little about yourself? What genre do you write in and why? I caught the writing bug at an early age. I dabbled with short stories and poetry. Like reading, writing was my escape from my life. Sometimes we get pulled away from our dreams, but in 2007 I picked back up where I left off. I write in many genres, but usually with a paranormal aspect. My short stories are mostly horror, while my two novellas steered toward paranormal romance.

Tell me about your current book which you are promoting. Seduced by Darkness is about a half-breed vampire lured toward her human nature and the light of the human world. She discovers this tantalizing beauty within the paintings of a local artist. The discovery of her own darkness appearing in his paintings, and his desires to get closer to her starts a collision between their two worlds, testing what each character is willing to give up for love.

How long have you been writing? Most of my life, although not always on paper or screen. There was a period where life took over, but my imagination continued to work out scenarios. I’ve been writing toward publication now for four years, much of the first three spent learning the craft through reading and writing.
What got you interested in writing, and what inspired you to write your first book? Reading is what got me interested in writing. I found escape within the pages of books by great writers and knew one day I wanted to provide the same for others. My first book, which sits in my closet waiting to be resurrected, began when I woke up and discovered time was passing by. It was time to do what I’d always wanted to do – become an author.
Do you outline before you write? If not, what’s your initial process? I have tried outlining, but I don’t really work that way. My stories start with a small idea, at least one character, and an inkling of an ending. My best ideas come as my fingers are tapping away at the keys or moving a pen across paper. As I move forward, I do keep track of my scenes with one sentence summaries, and jot down new scenes as they come to mind. I also take notes of needed changes and any additional information needing to be added to previous scenes. In my writing, rewriting really is the main part of the process.

What comes first: the plot or the characters? They intertwine. Usually the main premise comes into play along with the character involved. As said above, the plot unravels as I write, but the characters also appear along the way. So, it’s basically a discovery on both parts as I move through the story.
What do you like to do when you’re not writing? Reading would be the most obvious answer, but I also like exploring spiritual matters. I find tarot cards a great source of spiritual development, and offer readings to others. I have a tarot blog –, where I share insights, readings, and other related issues.
What books or authors have influenced your writing? V.C. Andrews opened up wonderful escapes in my childhood. Stephen King inspired me to keep trying with his words of fiction and living characters. Dean Koontz and John Saul also added to the mix with great story telling and regular publications. I grew up with these people in a way, through their words and worlds. They supplied me with an escape and a dream to be an author.

What do you see for the future of publishing and e-books? E-books are a wonderful addition to the publishing world, but I don’t see them replacing the paper version of the written word, at least not in my world. Of course, this comes from someone who doesn’t own an e-reader. I’m sure the device makes a difference in the reading of e-books.

What are your current books out right now and what are the books coming up for
release? Escape to Love, a historical romance, takes you back to the time of witch hangings, while Seduced by Darkness, a paranormal romance, explores the longings of a half-vampire to find light within her own darkness. I have a children’s book, adapted from a fairy tale type short story, under contract with eTreasures Publishing, but a release date has not been set.

What advice would you give a new writer just starting out? Reading and Writing are both the best tools in learning the craft. A good critique partner/group is a must for a new writer – preferable published. Without past and present critiques, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I’ve had a lot of help in journey, and I appreciate everyone I’ve met along the way. One word of caution – not every individual makes a good critique partner. Don’t be afraid to end a relationship if the advice doesn’t seem to help you move forward. Also, expect rejection, and pay attention to any comments that come with it. Some stories are passed over simply because the editor/publisher doesn’t personally like it, while others need more work in the writing. Don’t give up on your story because it gets rejected, keep submitting, and keep writing. The journey is long, but with enough work you will open the right door.

Where can people learn more about you and your work? My website – My blog 

 Chapter One
Geneva licked her lips, savoring the hint of sweet metallic blood. Allowed only a small amount of the delicacy, she craved more. As she stepped from the moonlit night into the quiet gallery, a shiver laced through her body. With each forbidden step, she searched for hidden dangers. If the clan discovered the deception, she’d be punished – of that she held no doubt.

With only her pale face visible beneath the black cloak, Geneva moved in front of the large painting. A majestic tree cast shadows over the landscape, children danced in play, and a young couple kissed by a lake. The sun glinted off a wine glass in the woman’s hand. Geneva ached to join such a scene, yet destiny tore her in the opposite direction – darkness. Gliding a finger across the canvas, she longed to be pulled within.

A hand gripped Geneva’s shoulder.  Instinct screamed for her to flee. Instead, she prepared for the worse and turned. A scrawny man fidgeted in place. A starched, blue security uniform hung loosely from his wiry frame. He recoiled, stammering incoherently.

Geneva cringed at the reaction, but wasn’t at all surprised. The pale skin and death-filled eyes scared humans. Their fear saturated her soul with pain. She wished to be a part of their world, yet they refused to accept the breed. The paintings provided a brief connection to human normalcy, but it wasn’t the same as the physical, the joy of holding another.

“Miss, you aren’t allowed to touch the artwork.” The security guard stuttered, bowing his head.

“I’m sorry. Please forgive me.”

The man nodded and scurried away into the shadows. Just another mortal afraid of the death wrapped tightly around her – without even realizing the source of fear.

Geneva lingered, prolonging the return to her dismal abyss. She wandered further into the gallery, beyond the normal viewing area. Gasping, she stared at the collection, each canvas bore her image. The clan would be furious. How had she been noticed? Every care had been taken, so for a mortal to have noticed … should she run?

Stepping closer, weak pulse quickening, Geneva studied the artist’s name scribbled across the bottom, Lewis Hunt. The normal life scenes were replaced by an overcast of death, her death, her lethal darkness. She’d allowed the dismal destiny to affect the life of a human, dragged him into the isolation. Now, yet again, she’d be exiled from walking among them, just like before. Geneva stepped away from the paintings. Love, lust, loss – like claws shredding flesh– swept her away to another place in time. She brushed away the lone tear and stared at the faint pinkish color. “Momma, Tessa…”

Pain squeezed what little heart she possessed. She had to get out of there, had to return home. Stumbling into someone, Geneva tried to go around, but he matched the movements, blocking every attempt. He gripped her shoulders. She looked up, half expecting the security guard.


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