Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Erotic Romance author Daryl Devore' Is Offering a Giveaway

Today, my guest is Daryl Devore', erotic romance author.  Daryl is offering a giveaway to one  lucky commenter, be sure to read the post to find out how to win.

Penny - Welcome Daryl.
Daryl – Hi, thanks for allowing me to come hang out on your blog.

P – Please tell my readers a little bit about yourself.
D – I'm a writer of erotic romance who likes to create strong, independent and eye-pleasing characters. I was born in December, which makes me a Sagittarius. Once you have a Sagittarian for a friend, you have a friend for life. I'm married and daughter is grown up so I have time to do what I want – which is write.

P – Okay, so tell us about your writing.
D – I have three published books and one work in progress that is stalled – very stalled. I've been writing for close to forever. When I decided to get serious about it, I joined a few critique groups. A fellow writer liked the potential of my first few chapters and offered me a contract. Then the real work began.

P – What do you mean by "real work"?
D – The edits. It always amazes me how many "over used" words sneak into my work. My list is getting long but I'm getting better at it. I try not to have too many body parts floating around. My editor said when I've gotten to a million written words then I'll start getting the feel for this business.

P  – Tell us about your books.
D – A Kept Woman is my first book. It is an erotic contemporary and just received a 5 cup review from Coffee Beans and Love Scenes.
Sexy Red Hood – is a fun twisted version of Little Red Riding Hood.

Black Dorn – my latest is an erotic historical set in the 1400's.
My WIP – is a paranormal – untitled at the moment.
I'm experimenting in different genres seeing which fits.

P –  Where are your books available?
D – All three are at New Dawning International Bookfair.
They are all ebooks, but A Kept Woman and Black Dorn will soon be  available in paperback   – by Maiden Head Press. Yay!

P – What do you like best and least about writing?
D – Best – sitting at my laptop and letting the words flow. I can get lost for hours. I like watching my story unfold as my characters lead me along.
Worst – edits. People keep telling me I have to grow a thick skin – but they never tell me how to do that. Cutting words or scenes hurts. I belong to a great critique group and have the honour of having 2 awesome Betas (you know who you are), but that still doesn't soothe the sting.

P – What is a typical writing day like for you?
D – I answer all my emails first, then I hop over to other writer's blogs, then Facebook, Twitter and Google+. At last, I pull up a chapter I'm working on and try to settle down. If the words won't flow, I'll work either on editing it or rewriting. If the words are really stalled, I'll work on a critique. When the words do start to flow, I can get lost in the story for hours.

P – Any advice for beginning writers?
D – I'm not much of an expert. *snorts and shakes head* There's always something every writer can learn. I guess if I had to offer up some advice, it would be to join a critique group. Let me add a qualifier – a good critique group – one that fits you. I've dropped out of at least five, but have belonged to one for over a year. Some can be too restrictive, too many rules and in others, some like to try to rewrite other writer's stories into their own words. I don't do well with rules and I feel restrictions just stifle creativity.

P – What's next for you?
D – I have to buckle down and get that paranormal written or decide to put it on a shelf and start another. A writer's life – write – write – write!

P – Last but not least, where can you be found on the web?
D – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and my blog – Erotic Notions –

I am giving away a copy of Sexy Red Hood, a fun little twist on Little Red Riding Hood. To have a chance to win, leave your name, email, and I'll let Penny pull the winning name. Good Luck.

Blurb - “Go save your Grandmother.” After learning that her grandmother has booked a cruise with a supposed gigolo and is squandering her inheritance, Esmeralda (Red) Hood boards Emerald Forest cruise ship to protect both.

 Once there, Red slips and falls into the arms of Wilhelm Olf, a dark-eyed, continental who makes her body tingle.  Stepping out of the elevator, she barges into Andrew Woodsman, a bumbling private school teacher on his first vacation cruise.

With her attention torn between the dissimilar but sexually-intriguing men and keeping watch over tequila drinking, rock wall climbing grandma, Red's cruise is filled with fun and erotic fantasies.

Grandmother's warning of Never trust a wolf in sheep's clothing leaves Red confused. Later, when she wakes up in a utility closet, hands and feet bound and emerald necklace missing, Red discovers the man she suspected is not only innocent but also the one she loves.

D – Thanks for letting me be a guest on your blog.


  1. Great interview. I posted about this giveaway at my blog

    Here's hoping that writer's block goes away soon.

    All my best,


  2. Cheryl - Thanks for the wishes that my writer's block un "blocks"

  3. Writer's block reeks.
    You're not alone in the thin-skin department. I've been in this writing biz for awhile, and I keep waiting for my skin to grow calluses. It's gotten a little tougher, but I still feel the pain when my work gets ripped a new one.

    1. Hi,

      Don't know whether it is good or bad new that I have company in the thin skinned dept.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Great interview, Daryl. I took a break from editing to pop over here. And you know how much I love editing my writing. You and I have that in common. Good luck with your stalled manuscript. Just keep at it.

    1. everybody loves editing - acck! cough! cough!

      I'll keep at manuscript - it'll get done some day!

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Great Interview. I don't mind editing as long as nobody finds anything BIG. I don't mind commas and stuff. I hate those "You need a whole chapter showing this scene." or "You need to sprinkle this in from the beginning." LOL

    1. I'm with you - edit away - find a couple of typos and that's it. Never been told to add a whole chapter!!!

      Thanks for stopping by and posting.

  6. That's interesting that you are trying out different genres. Hope the stalled work suddenly wakes up.


  7. Hey Daryl, Nice interview, As for writer's block, I do some of my best thinking in the shower or driving by myself.

    Keep up the good work, Dee

  8. Hi Dee,

    I do some of my best thinking in the same places - guess I'll have to shower more. Thanks for stopping by and posting. Good to hear from you.

  9. Insightful interview, Daryl. I wouldn't have pegged you for writer's block, but I'm sure it's a temporary glitch. That's ambitious, though, writing in so many different sub-genres. Best of luck with the paranormal!

    Black Dorn is on my Kindle and on my TBR list. :)

  10. Hi Jenna,

    Yes writer's block is a bit of a surprise to me.
    It may be the genre I'm trying - may have to put it on a back burner and write another contemporary and then try it again.

    Thanks for posting.

  11. Congratulations to Cheryl - she's the winner of a copy of Sexy Red Hood.

    Thanks to everyone who dropped by and posted.

  12. Great interview! I have a grown daughter, too. Gotta get your books!

    1. Thanks. Daughters! Start off all cute - turn into ^%$^&%& then become friends. Gotta love them.

  13. A winner was chosen and Daryl has sent along a copy of Sexy Red Hood. Thanks for participating everyone.