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Victoria Adams talks about Circles Interlocked and Yes - a Prize!

Today's guest is Indie author, Victoria Adams.  Hidden in the blog post is a question. The person with the closest answer will win a prize, so read on!

Hi Penny,
Thanks for letting me take over your blog today.

Let me share a bit about myself - I'm Victoria Adams and I write contemporary romance. (sorry no picture of me – I'm really really shy.) I live in Ontario, Canada - way out in the country. I love to take long walks up my country road and enjoy the changing seasons. In the summer, I tend to my flower gardens and vegetable patch. The rest of the year, I write.

Where can you be found on the web?
Blog – Pages of Romance –
FaceBook - victoriaadams_romancewriter
Twitter – @_VictoriaAdams
Google+ - Victoria Adams

Published?  I indie published my first book – Circles Interlocked. It is written in a different POV from what readers are accustomed to, and as stubborn as I am, I refuse to change to match that. I like big stories with lots of characters. I don't believe a love story is just 2 or 3 people – the 2 main characters and the "evil" bad guy trying to keep them apart. The old adage – it takes a village to raise a child – sums up my sentiments pretty succinctly.

Are your characters inspired by anyone you know? Sort of. Great answer from a writer – rolling my eyes. Julie is a compilation of people and her dance background comes from my years of taking ballet.
Robert's physical description is based on the person who sat in front of me in English class. But his personality is complete fiction. He's a gang member.

Talk about your bookCircles Interlocked is the story of Julie Anderson and Robert Holiday. They met in high school, fell in love, made love, then their world shattered. Julie accepts a dance contract and flies off to a different part of the country. Robert is left behind to grieve his loss. The story opens five years later when Julie spots Robert on a beach.

Any quirks in your story? Yes, Robert's speech patterns. It is part of the reason I indie published this book. To show Robert is a gang member I made his dialogue more street. He says ya – instead of yea or yes. (Drove critiquers crazy). Also, he says cuz, ok, and tends to drop his "g"s.

Any works in progress – yes. I'm working on the prequel to Circles Interlocked – Dancing in Circles. It's in the editing stage. I'm hoping it will be released in Spring 2012.

Who designed the cover for Circles Interlocked – Fantasia Frog.

Where can Circles Interlocked be found? – Amazon, Smashwords etc.

10 rapid fire questions
Favourite colour (sorry Canadian spelling) - purple
Werewolf or vampire – Werewolf
Interesting tidbit – I'm a red head.
What types of books – old British murder mysteries
Winter or summer – Summer
Fav movie – Bird Cage
Plotter or punster – panster!!!!
Fav food – chocolate
Astrological sign – Sagittarius
Fav number – oh – can't tell you that. You have to guess. The correct (or nearest) response
                   will receive a copy of Circles Interlocked.

Five years - Julie hadn't seen or thought about him in all that time, and now in the middle of nowhere, he stood on the beach drying off from a swim. Droplets flew as Robert shook his hair. His black mane was shorter than the last time she saw him. The wet ends dripped water on his bare, muscular shoulders. 

Tricia, an old high school friend once said he had the body of a male stripper - time hadn't changed that.
She stepped back onto the beach path, transfixed by the sight of the one person she hated. Her repulsion and loathing of him ran so deep; she'd repressed all memories of him. She thought he'd loved her, and had taken a chance, opening up her heart and body to him. But, instead of returning her love, he proved himself worthy of the gutter from which he'd crawled.

Her body said run, but her feet refused to move as she watched a long-legged, svelte, golden blonde rise from the beach chair. She trickled her fingers down his rippled stomach. His voice floated across the sand. It was a calming sound, which had brought a smile to her face when he whispered words of love and passion in her ear.

Details she thought she'd long forgotten surged forward. She remembered the way his dark eyes smoldered with anger and his sly, innocent grin. His joyous laughter had made her feel the abandonment of a child frolicking in the year's first snowfall. She stepped backward onto the path, distancing herself from the lovers as the blonde undid the strings on her bathing suit top, and let it fall to the sand.

With an unexpected shiver, she hurried along the meandering path, and returned to the cottage, and to the man she accompanied - who was nothing like her betrayer. Vincent's sad brown eyes reminded her of a basset hound's - loyal and true.

"Julie." She looked toward Vincent standing on the deck. "Jean-Marc's on the phone. Shall I take a message?"

"No, I won't make him suffer. He has very few hairs left to pull out of his head." She took the cell phone and sat on a deck chair. "Hello, Jean-Marc."

"How's the knee?" he asked. As always, Jean-Marc, Artistic Director, was direct to the point.


"Have you been following your doctor's orders?"

"Yes, all I've done is sit on the deck, stare at the ocean and get fat. We leave this afternoon, and if the doctor says everything's ok, I'll be back on Tuesday. Sound good?"

"Great. Bye."

She placed the cell phone on the table, and the other slid down to her knee. Two weeks ago, it was grotesque and painful. During a simple rehearsal, Julie posed in an elegant arabesque held tall on her pointe. Her leg was lifted high above her head, back arched, and her arms suspended in the air, as if frozen in time. Until she - collapsed on the floor.

At first, only her dignity was hurt, but then the pain shot from her knee to her brain. Thank goodness, the doctor said she was lucky there was no serious damage He urged her to take a vacation to let the knee mend.

She gazed out at the ocean listening to the waves splash against the shore. Had it really been that long ago? Five years since she had left her friends, her family and the longhaired, scruffy guy who snuck his way into her heart. Notorious gang member or not, he still portrayed a sense of vulnerability and innocence. Then in true gang style, he stabbed her heart - figuratively.

Well that's it. Thanks for letting me drop by.

Victoria Adams


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