Wednesday, May 9, 2012

M.G, WELLS, LightMasters Number 13

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Please tell me how long you've been writing, and why you decided to become a writer.

I’ve been writing poetry and journaling since I was a child. I wrote two books in my twenties that were not published. There were so many stories bouncing inside my head, I just had to get them out or explode. There still are and it’s a challenge to decide on which idea to focus.

Are you a full-time writer or a part-time writer, and how do you organize your writing time? 

I’m always writing something or dreaming of writing.

What influences your writing?

Anything and Everything, especially what I feel the most passion for at the time. I tend to focus on love, forgiveness, humanity and self-empowerment.

Is this your first published work?  What other types of writing have you done?

Yes. I also write plays, screenplays, poetry letters, and LOTS of Tweets on Twitter.

Why did you choose to write a children's story?

The most challenging time was my childhood, and children need inspiration as they grow and learn to maneuver through life. I’ll always be young at heart.

What was the process of creating this book from the first idea to the final published book?
LIGHTMASTERS was inspired by Louise Hay’s self-help book, You Can Heal Your Life, which focuses on the importance of thoughts. The rest is based on people I know, strangers I’ve encountered, lessons I learned as well as pure imagination. 

What are your thoughts on traditional versus self-publishing?

Traditional publishing can be great if you can find anyone interested. Also, the big houses publish very few books each year, so it’s very challenging to get noticed unless you know someone in the industry. Self-Publishing allows an author the freedom to speak their truth and publish anything anytime they choose. No one can tell you what to write, how to write and I like this. There are thousands of talented, Indie writers out there, who now can be heard. I LOVE this freedom. 

What is your marketing strategy?

Facebook, Twitter & GoodReads are all FREE, effective ways to market online. Sometimes, I visit schools, indie bookstores and participate in interviews with lovely folks like you. Thank You

What are your thoughts about children's writers needing an agent or not needing one?

I believe agents or entertainment lawyers are only necessary when you become well known. I don’t relate to the concept of giving a stranger 10 or 20 percent of my earnings when the majority of agents do very little to earn it. That’s just been my personal experience.

Where can people find out more about you and your writing? 

Do you have any tips for writers who are new to children's literature?

Take time every day to write, be open to positive criticism, and grow a thick skin. ALL writers are subjected to criticism. I strongly recommend new writers don’t allow others to erode their self-confidence. And above all, believe in yourself no matter what others think, say or do.

Please give us a brief synopsis about your current book and when and where it will be available.

LIGHTMASTERS is all about Jessica--a smart, bold courageous teen who discovers she has amazing powers on her 13th birthday. After her parents’ death, she’s stuck living with her weird, gassy grandparents in a small town in upstate New York. Bullied by her schoolmates, this Georgia girl feels like a total loser and outcast. Angry about being forgotten on her birthday, Jessica is lured into the forest by a strange spiral light. In the woods she encounters three magical beings, who call themselves LIGHTMASTERS. The leader, Dragateen, tells her she has special powers. Intrigued, she agrees to be transported to another dimension where she’s tested for her courage, strength and ability to overcome intense obstacles.  
Life changes drastically when Jessica returns to Earth. During school the next day, her reality shifts and people start turning into repulsive, reptilian monsters. Course, it doesn't help that it’s Halloween, which makes it even more bizarre. Dragateen explains to her she's needed by the Lightmaster Alliance to defeat an invisible alien beast, who feeds off human fear and negativity. The story follows Jessica on a wild, spiritual adventure as she learns to empower her mind, conquer her own fears, and help rid the world of an alien monster who hates humans.

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  1. kim Stapf - kimpitbull123May 10, 2012 at 3:23 PM

    Great interview. The imagination and whit the author uses keeps you turning the page to see what's next. The cover draws young and adult readers to the book. I hope for more from this author. My daughter also enjoyed this book.