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Kathleen Townsend

Book One: Heart of the Hurri-Kaine (Romance)
Book Two
: Blood of the Hurri-Kaine (Suspense, Romance)
Available anywhere ebooks are sold.
Book Three:
Eye of the Hurri-Kaine due 2012. (Suspense, Thriller, Romance)

A rock and roll series that crosses genres with Holly, and two gorgeous men, Kaine the singer, and Luka the manager, and their story of finding
romance, suspense, and love.

Why I love Rock and Roll.
Yes, it started during the 50s and the 45 rpm records. Couldn't wait for them to come out each week. I had to save my money cause they cost a whopping 25cents.

Later, I lived in Hollywood, California, and every one that was anyone in the music business came here. I met them all. I started with interviewing the Beatles at LAX for ABC Television and days later was a cub reporter for ABC News backstage at the Hollywood Bowl when the Beatles played. I was a mere 15 years old.

After them came the Rolling Stones. I met them their first time here, and that was when it all began. I met, hung out and dated a number of the band members from the British Invasions, and some of the local musicians such as the Byrds, Love, Doors, Buffalo Springfield, Beach Boys, Standells, Flying Burritos Bros, and then a hog poge of bands as band members changed groups. Even auditioned as a singer for Jimmy Page from Led Zepplin. Naturally, nothing came of it, I wasn't discovered, or you'd of heard of me.

One memorable boyfriend (with limos, recording studios, finest hotels, best service and tables, and all the perks of fame and money) was with Bill Wyman from the Rolling Stones. In fact he added a snippet about me in his book Stone Alone: the Story of a Rock 'n' Roll Band - Bill Wyman, Ray Coleman - 1997 - Biography & Autobiography - 640 pgs. "Brian's behaviour was bizarre that night and Kathy (West) Townsend, a girlfriend of mine at the time, recalls that he had been 'dropping acid, .."

It's true, I have some great stories about hanging out with the 1960s and 70s bands during my tender, and formative years.

And being in Hollywood did make things a bit easier. I came into contact with them all. I was a professional dancer for a few years and on the Sunset Strip where the bands frequented. I did some concert dancing with bands like the Who. I worked at the exclusive Daisy Club in Beverly Hills where all the popular actors frequented. Later, I worked at the most exclusive and state-of-the-art recording studio of its time, The Record Plant West. Boy I've remembered jacuzzi stories from there.

Yes, those wonderful years were a dream, and so much fun. They are where I draw my stories from for Holly, Luka, and Kaine. Of course there wasn't any fighting over me, at least that I was aware of...but I had a great time.

I will add more rock and roll stories as time goes on.

But now you know, it was my tender years that are the source for the stories in the Hurri-Kaine Series. I was there, and I know what it was really like.

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The Blood of the Hurri-Kaine (Book Two Hurri-Kaine Series)
Ebook Price: $2.99 USD. 196530 words. Fiction by Kathleen West-Townsendon December 29, 2011
Kaine Walker is in Paris. Holly Hill is in Los Angeles. The rock and roll fairy tale ended. Unemployed, and hounded by paparazzi, emotionally wounded Holly tries to rebuild her life. Luka Hunter arrives to take Holly from a scandalous tabloid sensation to a prevailing celebrity. But Holly's carrying an unbreakable love and bond with Kaine, that supersede any duplicitous deception, blood or death.
The Heart of the Hurri-Kaine (Book One Hurri-Kaine Series)
Ebook Price: $2.99 USD. 200570 words. Fiction by Kathleen West-Townsend on December 17, 2011
Sensual, sexy, and sometimes sizzling, Heart of the Hurri-Kaine, is every woman’s fantasy of sex, drugs, and rock and roll with the most gorgeous men in music. Set in the 1980s Holly Hill and lead singer Kaine Walker surrender to a whirlwind, headline-grabbing love affair that is threatened by Luka Hunter the powerful CMT representative.

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