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Kim Cresswell, Reflection

AUTHOR:  Kim Cresswell
PUBLISHER:  MuseItUp Publishing
BUY LINK: MuseItUp Publishing:

Why don't you start with telling us a little about yourself?

Kim:  My name is Kim Cresswell and I was born and raised in southwestern Ontario, Canada.  I write romantic suspense, thrillers, true crime and supernatural mysteries. I'm also an avid reader of suspense, thrillers, romance, horror and paranormal novels.

Tell me about your current book which you are promoting.

Kim:  REFLECTION is my debut romantic suspense. The story is about a reporter's determination to expose an illegal human cloning project. The story evolved after Clonaid (a company founded by the religious sect called the Raelians) announced the birth of Eve, the "first human clone" in 2002 using the similar technique to clone, Dolly the Sheep.

How long have you been writing?
Kim:  I've been writing off and on all my life but after becoming disabled with Fibromyalgia and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome, I returned to my first love.
Do you outline before you write? If not, what’s your initial process?

Kim:  Yes, I outline the plot and sub-plot(s) by using a story-board spreadsheet or using index cards. I find this works best for me and I'm able to see any holes in my plot.

What comes first: the plot or the characters?
Kim:  Since my stories are plot-driven, plot always comes first and my character develop because of the plot.
Which of your characters do you love/hate/fear/pity the most and why?

Kim:  Great question! I love my heroine--reporter, Whitney Steel. She's strong and independent. I have to admit it. I have a thing for villains. I would have to say, I fear Nathan Shaw, the villain from REFLECTION. Nathan is a billionaire bio-tech company owner obsessed with genetic perfection. He will do anything, and I mean anything, to keep his illegal human cloning project concealed from outsiders.  He is the creepiest character I've had to pleasure to bring to lifeat least so far. 

Did your book require a lot of research? How long does it take to write a book for you?

Kim:  REFLECTION took a large amount of research since the story centers around an illegal human cloning project, I spent hundreds of hours reading about human cloning. I think I could clone my dog at this point.

It takes me about eight months from start to final draft.

What are some of the challenges in your writing process?

Kim:  The most challenging aspect of writing for me is finishing the first draft. My internal editor will not shut off which makes me the slowest writer on earth but saves time when it comes to editing. In the end, it all probably balances out.

Describe your writing space.
Kim:  My writing space if very simple and uncluttered. The walls are painted the color of a caramel latte. I have an eight foot long black desk, printer, and a zillion highlighters in a rainbow of colors.  I also have two plants on my desk which I have managed not to kill.
What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
Kim: When I'm not writing or spending time with my family, I love to curl up with a good book or watch a movie. I'm also a gamer chick—a gaming junkie! Have been since the '80s, the decade of big hair, leg-warmers, snap-crotch bodysuits (remember those?), acid washed jeans, and authors, Danielle Steel and Jackie Collins. I'm a die-hard PC gamer known to play first-person shooters (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3), adventure, fantasy and  RPG's (Role Playing Games).
What books or authors have influenced your writing?

Kim:  I'm going to show my age! I've loved the suspense genre since I was a teenager after reading Sidney Sheldon's, Master of the Game. He certainly influenced my writing over the years. In my opinion, Mr. Sheldon was one of the best story-telling ever. From that point on, I wanted to be a writer, and I knew suspense was my genre. 

What are your current books out right now, and what are the books coming up for

Kim:  REFLECTION was released in January. I have few other works in progress.  Lethal Journey is a “short novel “thriller and will be released later this summer.

The sequel to my award-winning romantic suspense, Reflection, is slated for release at the end of this year. I am also contributing two true crime stories for the upcoming True Crime Serial Killers Anthology. I'm thrilled to be involved in this project which includes some of the top bestselling true crime authors (December release).

Where can people learn more about you and your work?


Mason Bailey gulped down his third Glenlivet. “I didn’t kill her.”

How many times had Whitney Steel heard those words? Dozens. But never from the mouth of a United States senator. For all she cared, the man could drink himself to Mars, but not until she got what she’d come for. An exclusive.

Under the awning shading the Pink Flamingo Club’s patio, she took a sip of her lime daiquiri, and couldn’t help notice the way the mid-afternoon sunlight brutally magnified every line on Mason’s tanned face.

“Of all the reporters in Panama City, let alone Florida, why me? We cut our ties years ago.” And our losses, she wanted to say, but didn’t.

“I know I can trust you.” His gaze darted across the street then back to her. “Besides, we were married once. That should count for something.”

Whitney straightened. Anger coiled in the pit of her stomach. “Give me a break. For a year and a half, I thought we were married. Too bad your girlfriends didn’t know about our little legal arrangement.” Especially, your twenty something assistant.

“Damn it, Whitney. I didn’t ask you here to rehash our past.” He yanked a monogrammed handkerchief from his jacket pocket and dabbed the sweat from his forehead. “I need your help. I know why Carmen Lacey was murdered.”

Her eyes widened. Now they were getting somewhere. “You have my full attention. Are we on the record?”

Mason shoved his empty glass aside. “Yes.”

Her heart thumped with anticipation. This story would be the topic du jour for months. Her ratings at WBNN-TV would soar, and finally her colleagues would take notice and treat her with the professional respect she deserved.

For the past twelve years, her colleagues said she’d had a free ride because of her father, an award winning war correspondent, and her ex-husband’s political connections. This time she’d prove them wrong.

She rummaged through her leather bag, placed her digital voice recorder on the table and gave the record button a firm push. “For the record, Senator Bailey, did you kill Carmen Lacey?”

“No.” He leaned back in the chair and loosened his pinstriped tie. “It’s true. I was the last person to see her alive. But there’s more to this than you think.”

Brown eyes that once set her heart hammering now conveyed a chilling, hollow look. Was it guilt? Desperation?

No. Fear.

Uneasiness slid down her spine. She stopped the recorder. “Mason, you’re scaring me. What the hell is going on? It’s been over three years since we last spoke. Then, out of the blue, you beg me to meet with you today. I know the police don’t believe you killed that woman.”

“But do you, Whitney? Do you believe I killed her? I need to know. It’s important."

Stunned by the urgency in his voice, she answered carefully. “Of course not. You’re many things, but you’re not a killer.”

“Thank you. That means a lot to me.” He reached for his empty glass and tapped his chunky gold ring against the side.

Whitney turned the recorder on again.

“Carmen was a scientist working for a biotech company in Nevada. ShawBioGen. Heard of it?”

“Who hasn’t? They were one of the first to clone animals in the eighties. Caused quite a stir.
But I don't understand. What does that have to do with Carmen’s death?”

He opened his mouth to answer.

The large window behind them dividing the patio from the main restaurant exploded...

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  3. Since you think with all the research you did, you can make a clone, how about one for me? Kidding of course. I'm sure many of us would like one to give us more hours in the day.

    The story line sounds great. Right up my alley. It is on my wish list. I hope to have it soon.

    1. Hahahaha. Lorrie, I'd love to be able to clone myself too. :) It certainly would make life so much easier especially for authors. ;-)

  4. I'm still halfway through the book, Kim. As soon as my eye problems clear up, I'll finish it. I hate not being able to read as much as I want.

    What I have read is very good.

    1. Hi Leona. Hope your eyes clear up soon. I'm so glad you're enjoying the story. :)

  5. My pleasure, Kim. Nice to see so many of your fans stopping by to say hello.